Website Implementation Procedure

Faculty or staff desiring to publish an official Washburn University Web site for themselves or their department  must send e-mail to

The faculty/staff applicant must:

  • Read the Washburn World Wide Web policy and agree to abide by it through their request for Web site space.
  • Have the department or area head indicate their approval of the request by replying to the e-mail sent to
  • Have or gain access to equipment for transferring these documents to the Web server via a secure file transfer program (sftp) or account access in the Content Management System (CMS).
  • Update dynamic content on the site as needed.

The request for a Web site will be processed by the university webmaster, and the faculty/staff applicant will be provided with the following information:

  • The path to the subdirectory on the developmental Web server,, where they may store their Web site
  • The username and password to use for authentication.
  • Assigned access space within the CMS. Authentication will be WUAD username and password.

After transferring the website to, the university webmaster will check the site for adherence to the Requirements for Construction of Official University Home Pages and Web Sites and the Accessibility and Quality checklist.  If the site is not in full compliance,  the university webmaster will provide recommendations for bringing the Web site into full compliance.

Once the Web site is in full compliance, the site will be moved to

Future editing of the site is done by editing your HTML files and graphics locally or within the CMS and transferring those files to an assigned directory on the production Web server, .

Questions may be sent