Website Services

Faculty and Staff Websites


Faculty and staff may request Web site space on Washburn's Web servers for the following reasons.

  • Faculty members may request Web site space to create and maintain a site which provides online access to syllabi, research or other materials needed for Washburn University courses, credit or non-credit
  • Faculty and staff members may request Web site space to create and maintain a site which represents their official position as an employee of a University academic or administrative unit


As official Washburn Web sites, the faculty or staff member must:

The main page of all faculty and staff Web sites is considered an official Web page and its content should reflect the faculty or staff member's position with the University.

Required Disclaimer

Any non-official pages linked from the main page of a faculty or staff Web site (e.g. hobbies) must include the following disclaimer:

"The views and opinions expressed in this page are strictly those of the author. The contents of this page have not been reviewed or approved by Washburn University."

This will not automatically be appended to each page, so the Web site developer must manually enter it into the code at the bottom of each non-official Web page.

Additional Information to Consider

  • Web sites on the  Web server are available to the world. If you would like to limit access to this information to the members of a specific course(s), it's best to use our online course management system. Assistance with this system can be obtained by contacting or Online Education at (785) 370-2381.
  • MyWashburn course tools which include class links, e-mail, bulletin boards, chat and calendar may be a viable alternative. These tools may be especially useful for Web-assisted courses which are a combination of traditional on-campus teaching with an online element.

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