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Telecommunications Use Policy

Approved May 9, 1995
by the University Council of
Washburn University

The mission of Washburn University of Topeka is to prepare individuals for careers and for a lifetime of continuous learning through post-secondary education in certificate programs, in specified associate, bachelor, master and professional degree programs and in not-for-credit educational courses. All University telecommunications resources, including the television cable system, the telephone system and the academic and administrative computer systems, exist to accomplish the mission of Washburn University.

Persons may be granted access to these telecommunications resources as a result of their status at the University as student, staff member or in another capacity conducting University-related business and to use the resource to which the access is granted as an educational resource in furtherance of the University's mission. These resources are limited and access to one or more of the telecommunications resources may be prioritized. First priority will be given to excellence in teaching and the University's role as a higher education institution. Additional priorities, policies and guidelines consistent with the University mission may be established for a specific telecommunications resource by the appropriate area head.

Each user is responsible for utilizing the University's telecommunications resources in an effective, efficient, ethical and lawful manner. By law such resources cannot be used for commercial purposes or for direct personal gain unrelated to the achievement of the University's public purpose, although an incidental personal benefit may be derived from such use. Nor, under federal, state and local laws against discrimination and related university policies, may such resources be used to create an intimidating, hostile or offensive educational or working environment on account of one's race, color, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, creed, disability, sex, marital or parental status or sexual orientation. Further, these telecommunications resources may not be used to harass or intentionally inflict severe emotional distress upon any person or group.