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Washburn Student Printing Services

Washburn provides limited free student printing in several locations. In order to control the cost of printing, and sustain a reasonable free service for students, the campus sets a quota for students in the form of a free printing credit each semester.


Location Printer Notes
Mabee Library mabpool Available from personal devices
Mabee Library Tutoring Center mabtutor
Bennett 108 bt108jet
Henderson 108 hc108jet Duplexing is not available in HC 108
Stoffer 102 st102jet
Lincoln Hall front desk lhstudent Available from personal devices
LLC front desk llcstudent Available from personal devices
Morgan Hall Student One-Stop mostudent Available from personal devices
Washburn Village front desk wvstudent Available from personal devices
Carnegie Education Library celcljet Color printer.

Other labs and printers may be added in the future.


Black & white print jobs

  • per single-sided page
  • per duplex page (printed on both sides; 4¢ per side)

Color print jobs

  • 12¢ per side, single or double-sided. There is no duplex discount.

Each student is given $17.50 in free printing credit, which will cover 350 single-sided black & white pages, or 218 sheets (436 pages) for duplex jobs.

Instructions for adding student-accessible printers

About the student printing credit

Each semester, every student is given $17.50 in free printing credit. That’s approximately 350–435 pages, depending on how much printing is duplex (double-sided). You may keep printing after your credit is used up, but you will be charged for the overage at the end of the semester.

At the beginning of each semester, the credit is reset to $17.50. Credit does not carry over to the next semester, nor is there any refund of unused credit.

How to check your printing credit balance

  • Log in to our PaperCut system (This link is only available on-campus.)
  • Your current quota will also be displayed whenever you go to release a print job. Your balance will be shown at the top of the screen, next to your username. Amounts in parentheses are negative. For example ($3.75) means you’re $3.75 over quota.

For support

  • Anywhere on campus: for questions or help with the student printing service, contact ITS User Services. If you're reporting trouble, please call 670–3000 or go to Bennett 104 so we can answer your questions or correct any problems as quickly as possible. If you have other questions, feel free to e-mail as well.
  • Mabee Library: for faster service, go to the Circulation desk.
  • Henderson 108: if the printer is out of paper, go to the School of Business office in Henderson 114. For all other questions or problems, please call 670–3000 or go to Bennett 104.
  • Living Learning Center, Lincoln Hall, or Washburn Village: if the printer is out of paper, go to the front desk. For other problems, or if no one is available at the front desk, please call 670-3000 or go to Bennett 104.
  • Morgan Hall Student One-Stop: if the printer is out of paper, inform the One-Stop staff. For other problems, or if no one is available at the front desk, please call 670-3000 or go to Bennett 104. 

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still print if I go over my quota?

Yes. You’ll be billed for overages at the end of the semester.

If you tally $250.00 or more over quota (approximately 5,000 pages), the print system not allow you to print. If this happens, please come to Bennett 104.

Can I print from my own computer?

Yes, on some printers. See the location list above for printers that are available from personal devices. See also the instructions for setting up your PC or Mac. Residential Living and Mabee Library staff can also help you set up your computer to print to those printers.

Can I print from my phone or tablet?

We support printing from tablets running Windows 7 or later, and you can use the instructions above to set it up. There's currently no way to print from iOS, Android, or Windows Phone devices. We're working on that.

What happens if the printer doesn’t print my job or prints it incorrectly?

If a job comes out wrong, you may ask for a refund for that job. Call 670–3000 or go to Bennett 104. At Mabee Library, you can also go to the Circulation desk. Please don't ask for refunds over e-mail. Please provide:

  • Your WUAD login name (e.g. smith998).
  • The lab or printer you printed to.
  • The date and time of the job.
  • The page count of the job.
  • Reason for the refund.

It will be helpful if you bring the results of the print job so we can see what went wrong and fix the printer if necessary.

Do I get a refund if I accidentally print the wrong document?

No. We’ll give refunds if something goes wrong with the printer or printing system itself. Printing the right document is your responsibility.

Will I be paid any unused printing credit at the end of the semester?


Does printing credit roll over to subsequent semesters?

No. Credit will be reset to $17.50 at the beginning of each semester.

What if my class requires me to print more than my quota?

If you don’t wish to be charged for class printing, check with the department to see if there’s another printer you can use.

What about student workers?

Departments usually let student workers print on the department’s printers for work. Those printers won’t charge. Only the printers listed above will charge against your quota.

Why are you setting a quota at all?

For several years, Washburn provided unlimited free printing in some labs. This service was very expensive, and sometimes people abused it. We believe strongly that free printing is important and useful, but we need to limit the amount of free printing in order to continue providing the service.

We selected this printing allocation based on printing statistics gathered over a full academic year. For most students, it should support their academic printing needs while discouraging wasteful and recreational printing that increases the cost of this “free” service. We continue to monitor printing usage across campus and will use this data to shape future policy.

We hope you understand the need to limit the amount of free printing to ensure we can manage its cost and continue to provide a free service for all students.

Who approved this?

This policy was developed by collaboration among ITS, WSGA, Mabee Library, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the Vice President for Administration & Treasurer. It was approved by the Washburn Technology Steering Committee.

What do you do with the money?

All revenue gained from students exceeding their printing limit is allocated back to individual labs and student workspaces to help sustain the campus printing services.