ITS Services Catalog

Active Directory (WUAD) Accounts and Access Management


  • ITS Provides individual accounts (usernames and passwords) for faculty, staff, students and selected affiliates
    • Affiliate accounts are subject to approval by the VPAA or VPAT
  • Guest accounts can be made available for temporary use by non-affiliated users
    • Please provide two (2) weeks prior notice when such accounts will be needed
    • The requestor or a mutually agreed 3rd party will be responsible for providing account information to guest users and for ensuring guests are aware of and abide by the Washburn acceptable use policy
  • Service accounts can be made available for automated functions
    • These typically require very long and high complexity passwords
    • Passwords must be protected and not stored in plain text
    • An authorized individual is required to be assigned as a functional and/or technical contact
  • ITS will assist in developing and implementing access control based on WUAD logons for computers, network shares, and other WUAD-managed resources. 
    • In order to ensure effective long-term support, ITS will work with the requestor to provide access based on functional responsibilities rather than based on individual user names.

WUAD accounts are subject to Washburn’s Acceptable Use Policy and other policies referenced in the Washburn University Policies, Regulations, and Procedures Manual (WUPRPM).

Activating WUAD Accounts


Contact Technology Support at 785.670.3000 or with any requests or questions.