ITS Services Catalog

File Management Guidelines / Restores

File management guidelines

Each user creates their own scheme for storing files in their file space. A good file management storage scheme makes it easier to find files. The following guidelines are recommended by ISS:

  • Save your files often when creating or updating them.
  • Take advantage of automatic save options of software.
  • Use folders (or subdirectories) for storing files.
  • Establish a scheme for naming your files and/or folders which makes it easier for you to recall the names used.
  • Use nested folders, especially when storing e-mail messages for access through MyWashburn.
  • Think twice before deleting files.

If you are having trouble finding a file, try the following:

  • List files in order of date modified:
    • Unix: ls -lt | more
    • Windows: with files listed, press right mouse button and select "Arrange by" and then select "modified."
  • Search for files using commands or utilities:
    • Unix: find command (see Unix manual)
    • Windows: Use the Find or Search tool

For assistance with any of the above techniques, contact the TSC, ext. 3000,

Restoring from backup

Faculty and staff, after determining that a file or e-mail is indeed missing, may request that it be restored from backup.

NOTE: Students with missing files or e-mail must ask a faculty member to submit the request.

Restoring files from backup

  1. Files must have been stored on the system overnight in order to have been backed up
  2. Need to know the filename and path to the file
  3. Need to know the date the file would have been backed up
  4. Complete File Restore Request Form

Restoring e-mail from backup

  1. E-mail messages must have remained in their mail account overnight in order to have been backed up
  2. We can't restore a single e-mail message. We can only restore all the messages in a folder. (e.g. Inbox is a folder)
  3. Need to know the date the message would have been backed up
  4. You must create a folder called Restored-Mail in your e-mail account. This is where the restored e-mail will be placed.
  5. Complete E-mail Restore Request Form
  6. After the restore, do the following:
    • Find the restored e-mail message in the Restored-Mail Folder
    • Save the message into a different folder
    • Delete the Restored-Mail folder