ITS Services Catalog

ITS Services Catalog

Accounts and Access Management - Active Directory (WUAD), 785.670.3000
Services include:
  • WUAD Accounts for faculty, staff, students, and select affiliates
  • Temporary guest accounts
  • Service accounts for automated functions
  • Access control for WUAD-related resources, e.g. computers and file storage

Banner/Software Support & Integration, 785.670.3000
ITS provides support for the business functions of the University through its Application Services group.  Application Analysts are assigned to the various modules of Banner, our administrative software, as well as other enterprise-wide applications.
(For staff)

Business Analysis/Development, 785.670.3000
ITS can work with University units to analyze technology and automation needs.
(For staff)


Lynn Cress,  785.670.2341
ITS provides cabling installation services to facilitate connection of devices to the campus network or the University telephone system.

Centrally Managed Services, 785.670.3000
  • Backup
  • Restore
  • Domain Name Registration and Management
  • Management of server operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Redhat Linux, Mac OS, and IBM AIX)
  • MySQL Databases
  • Network Management
  • Printer Access Management and Accounting
  • Sophos Antivirus
  • SSL Certificates
  • Storage
  • Website Hosting

Computer Labs, 785.670.3000
ITS supports the technology in all computer labs on campus.

Consulting Services, 785.670.3000
  • Assessments of IT resources
  • Assistance in bidding and ordering IT services and equipment
  • Disaster Planning, Management, and Recovery
  • Vendor and product evaluation for IT solutions

Email/Calendar, 785.670.3000
Washburn University uses Office 365 for email and calendar.
(For faculty, staff, and students)

Equipment Check-Out, 785.670.3000
Equipment checkout is available from the Technology Support Center (Bennett Computer Center, room 104)
(For faculty and staff)

Classroom Technology Support

Brenda White,, 785.670.1506
ITS can assist you with the use of equipment in classrooms/learning spaces or assist departments with the design and installation of equipment in new learning spaces or update existing installations.
(For faculty and staff)

Multimedia Production

Dale Rusche,, 785.670.1718
The production area of ITS provides services to faculty and staff in the areas of:
  • Streaming Server support
  • Audio/video streaming
  • Video/multimedia production
  • Production labs training and support
    (television studio, audio production, video editing)
(For faculty and staff)

MyWashburn/MyWashburnTech Accounts, 670-3000
ITS supports, manages, and maintains the MyWashburn and MyWashburnTech accounts provided to all students, faculty, and staff at the University.
(For students, faculty, and staff)

Name Changes on Accounts, 785.670.3000
ITS adjusts account information after name changes.
(For students, faculty, and staff)

New Hire/Transfer Access Request, 785.670.3000
ITS provides access for Argos, Banner, Cascade, D2L, Department Calendar or Blogs, Imaging, Mailing lists, S: Drive or Video.
(For faculty and staff)

Online Education

Online Education Support,, 785.670.2381
The Online Education area of ITS provides support in the following areas:
  • Desire2Learn LMS for courses & groups
  • Textbook integration with Desire2Learn
  • Online Course Design
  • Respondus/StudyMate/Respondus LockDown Browser/Respondus Monitor
  • Online Course evaluation
(For students, faculty, and staff)

Remote Access, 785.670.3000

Security Camera System, 785.670.3000
ITS provides support to the university Police Department in the installation, maintenance, and training for the security camera system on the university campus. Contact 670-3000 or for system support.

Survey/Event Tool, 785.670.3000
ITS provides services to help collect information through surveys and forms both anonymously and associated with an individual.
(For faculty and staff)

Technology Support, 785.670.3000
  • Software Discounts
  • Supported Software


Sue Taylor-Owens,, 785.670.1856
ITS offers generalized technology training and instructional technology support in all supported software and hardware.
(For faculty and staff)


Phyllis Hoffman,, 785.670.2308
ITS provides telephone services to every employee including voice mail.

Test Scoring, 785.670.3000
ITS provides test scoring and reporting services.
(For faculty)

Video Conferencing

Brenda White,, 785.670.1506 or Marc Routsong,, 785.670.3136
ITS provides video conferencing services for faculty and staff. We can assist faculty and staff with connecting to multiple remote sites for videoconferencing using a Zoom Pro account.  

Washburn Cloud Services, 785.670.3000
Services include:
  • ITS Hosted and/or Managed Virtual Servers and Services
  • Scalable Computing Resources
  • Scalable Storage Resources for datacenter or general campus needs

Washburn Hosted Services, 785.670.3000
Services include:
  • MySQL and Oracle databases
  • Website hosting
  • Management of Windows, Redhat Linux, Mac OS and IBM AIX servers
  • Authentication Services with Active Directory (WUAD) and LDAP

Web Services
The Web services area of ITS assists students, faculty, staff, and student organizations in obtaining web space on university servers to support their individual, department, and organization needs in web development.
(For students, faculty, and staff)

Wireless, 785.670.3000