ITS Services Catalog

Washburn University Hosted Services


In addition to cloud services, ITS also provides options for hosting and managing servers and services either on our infrastructure or on approved customer-supplied equipment.

Existing Services

Washburn ITS currently maintains MySQL, Oracle Express, and Microsoft SQL Server Express databases.  For modest needs, we may be able to provide services at no cost.  In other cases, we can negotiate based on a  cost-recovery or cost-sharing model

ITS hosts websites based on Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP stack) and can host Windows Internet Information Services websites

ITS is available to provide server management on Windows, Redhat Linux, Mac OS, and IBM AIX servers.  For new installs we recommend 64-bit implementations of the latest supported version of operating system however we can maintain any version currently in an active OEM support status.

ITS can provide authentication services via Microsoft Active Directory (WUAD), LDAP, and RADIUS

Colocation Services

ITS can provide hardware colocation services in our primary datacenter such that customer-managed and supported hardware and software can reside in a secure, air conditioned, and power-protected datacenter.

Cost Recovery

ITS strives to provide hosted services at little to no additional cost but in some cases may have to engage the customer in a cost-sharing or cost-recovery arrangement.