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Survey/Event Tool


ITS understands the need to sometimes collect information and associate the information collected with the individual submitting the information through authentication that verifies the individual’s association with the University.   

  • When MyWashburn authentication is not required and you need it NOW, ITS recommends the free service available through :
    • 10 questions per survey
    • 100 responses per survey
    • Collect data via weblink, email, facebook or embed on your site
    • Real-time results
    • No ITS involvement
  • When MyWashburn authentication is not required and you need it NOW:  a survey tool is available through Google Docs.
  • If audience of survey are students in a class or classes, Angel has a survey feature for this purpose.
  • When MyWashburn authentication and/or authorization by MyWashburn role is an important element for the survey, ITS offers the ITS Survey tool.
  • When the University is planning an event requiring registration, ITS offers the ITS Event tool for registration.

ITS Survey Tool Features

  • Authentication based upon MyWashburn username/password ((provides for both secure transfer and storage of data.)
  • Optional authorization based upon survey rules
  • Through self-service administrative interface:
    • Survey Creator can add/modify questions at any time.  Question types include radio buttons for single value answers, checkboxes for all that apply answers, and text input for freeform answers.
    • Listing of individual results sorted by email address or data submitted.
    • Each individual respondent’s submission can be viewed one at a time.
    • Statistical summaries are available to compile the survey answers in real time.
    • Survey Creator can download responses and date submitted into a semicolon delimited file, to be read into Excel or Access for additional analysis of data.

ISS Event Form Tool Features

(in addition to features in Survey Tool)

    • Optional customized courtesy reply through email to attendee.
    • Optional notification email containing registration event data to event administrator. 
    • Optional Data Entry field for Notes per attendee.
    • Optional Paypal or button (requires approval from Chris Leach).
    • More than one text input field per response.  (For example, city, state and zip as separate fields.)

      Online Resources


      For additional information about building surveys for individuals in Angel courses, contact, 785.670.2381.

      For additional information regarding the survey/event tool, contact Eileen Brouddus, 785.670.2301.