ITS Services Catalog

Washburn Cloud Services


ITS provides internal cloud-based services to Washburn University departments and select affiliates.  The exact form may vary based upon customer needs but typically involves customer managed or customer/ITS co-managed IT services and resources.  ITS provides a reliable, scalable, simple, and secure underlying infrastructure based on a VMware ESXi server cluster and Nexenta storage infrastructure.

All cloud services are currently housed either on Washburn’s traditional campus at 1700 SW College Ave. or at the Washburn Institute of Technology campus and data transport occurs over Washburn’s private data network.  This substantially eases Federal and State compliance concerns with respect to Cloud services. 

ITS also retains the ability to contract additional in-state cloud resources at more diverse sites through the KanREN network, though these are substantially more limited than what can be provided in-house.

Server capabilities

Virtual servers can scale up to 32 CPU cores and 1TB of memory and can access virtually unlimited amounts of high-performance disk storage via 10Gbps iSCSI or 8Gbps Fiber Channel interfaces.  Interfaces to the campus network are currently limited to 1Gbps Ethernet.

High-availability is assured through a combination of factors – e.g. UPS and Generator backup for datacenter power, redundant and self-healing systems, and live server failover using VMotion and other software technologies.

Storage capabilities

Storage can also be provided independently of a virtual server.  Within the datacenter 10Gbps iSCSI or 8Gbps Fiber Channel are available, in the broader campus, up to 1Gbps iSCSI, CIFS, and NFS resources are available though for very specific high-performance requirements an end-to-end evaluation of network infrastructure may be required. 

Cost Recovery

ITS strives to provide cloud services that have modest resource requirements at little to no cost.  For more resource intensive implementations we will engage the customer in a cost-sharing arrangement.  Details will be determined on case-by-case basis.  Our goal is to provide sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective services to Washburn University and to meet the specific needs of our clients in the process.