ITS Services Catalog

Business Analysis and Development Services


Upon request, Enterprise Application Services (EAS), a subgroup of ITS, will work with University units to analyze technology and automation needs through the following process:

  1. Become familiar with current business processes
  2. Determine if there is a place in Banner to store the data involved in the business process.
  3. Determine if a Web interface exists for the entry of the data into Banner. If not, determine the feasibility of developing a Web interface for the entry of data into Banner.
  4. Assist with determining how business processes would need to change if this data were stored in Banner.  In cases of low volume, it may be necessary to establish a new business process for manual data entry into Banner.
  5. Assist with the completion of a request for  project development form, to place the development form in the project request queue.

For additional information about business analysis and development services, contact Bob Stoller,, 785.670.2310.