MyWashburn Info



Washburn University assigns MyWashburn accounts to an employee when hired by the university or to a student when admitted to the university.

  • There is one MyWashburn account per individual.
  • A MyWashburn account is for use ONLY by the individual to whom it is assigned.

Account De-activations

After multiple unsuccessful login tries, an account is disabled. To reactivate the account, contact or call ext. 3000.

Washburn University de-activates a faculty/staff MyWashburn account upon termination of employment with the university.

MyWashburn accounts for students remain active for 2 years beyond graduation or separation from the university.


Security is important to protect e-mail, calendar, and university data accessed through MyWashburn.

  • Passwords must contain at least one alpha and one numeric digit.
  • Password may be from 8 - 20 characters long.

Change your password at any time with Washburn Password Management. Do NOT share your MyWashburn password with anyone else.