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How to Prepare for Migration to Office 365

We have identified a number of pre-migration tasks that must be taken prior to moving email to a new system.  The success of your email migration is largely dependent on how well your email is organized prior to migration.

What will migrate:
All of the messages in your inbox and folders. The folder structure will migrate as well.

What will NOT migrate:
Settings, signatures, rules, filters, or tags.

What you need to do to prepare:

  1. Delete any unneeded mail - Delete any email you do not need to keep.  This will help your migration go faster.
  2. Trash Folder -- Empty your trash and keep it empty. The trash, deleted, and deleted items folders will not be migrated to the new system.  If you need assistance checking your Trash folder settings to make sure that messages are being purged, please contact 785-670-3000 or email If you are using the Trash folder as a "staging area" for email prioritization, you will need to come up with a different folder to use for that purpose.
  3. Folder names -- Remove any special characters from folder names to ensure a smooth transfer.  Special characters include:  !@#$%^&*
  4. Large messages/attachments -- Large messages greater than 25 MB may not migrate easily to the new system, so be sure to download any attachments you need to keep.  Thunderbird will allow you to search for messages by size. MyWashburn webmail will allow messages to be displayed by size which can help locating large files.  Please contact or call 785-670-3000 if you need assistance.
  5. Save any .exe attachments -- The new email system will not accept email attachments with executable files (even if they are zipped), so be sure to save any .exe files before your migration.