United Way Campaign

All About Jar Wars

What is Jar Wars? 

Jar Wars is a friendly competition between buildings at Washburn to  raise money for the United Way of Greater Topeka. The object is to the be the team with the most points at the end of the war, May 1, 2013. The team with the most points receives a traveling trophy and bragging rights for the year.

How does it work?

Coins count toward your team's score. Each cent is equal to one point for your team once placed in jar.

Paper - dollar bills and checks - can be used against other teams. Each dollar represents a deduction of 100 points from that team's score. (Example: $10 is -1,000 points)

Follow the rules of sabotage:

  • You can OVERTLY SABOTAGE other teams by depositing your money directly into their Jar at their Jar Guard drop-off point. Do not forget to tell their Jar Guard it is sabotage money.  
  • You can COVERTLY SABOTAGE them by: 
  • Slipping your sabotage money to your Jar Guard for the weekly pickup.
  • Giving your sabotage money to Laura at anytime.
  • Using every LIVE WUNITED event as an opportunity for an underhanded attack.  There will be LIVE WUNITED committee members at every event available to collect sabotage money for your selected team/s.
  • Do not undervalue the advantage of sabotage.
  • Do not forget to identify which team you are sabotaging.

Official Rules:

  1. Each participating building has been assigned a Jar Guard. The jar will stay with that guard throughout the entirety of the game. The guard will act as a drop-off point for the money, protect the jar, and assist in the weekly deposit of funds.
  2. Every Friday (except for the final week when pickup is on Wednesday), the money will be picked up by LIVE WUNITED committee members for official weekly count. (Call Laura at ext.2757 for early pickup if your jar gets full.)
  3. The Monday following each count, every participating team will receive news of who has won the weekly battle and who is winning the war overall.
  4. The team with the most points at the end of the final week wins the war and receives the traveling trophy. 

What if I have a question?

Contact Laura Forster, Washburn University Foundation, at extension 2757.

Who are the Jar Guards and where can I find them?

Jar Guards and where to find them
Building Jar Guard Location
Art Building Becky Shaffer Room 101
Bennett Computer Center John Haverty Room 104
Benton Hall Lisa Rieschick Room 107
Bradbury Thompson Alumni Center Robin Moser Alumni Association
Carnegie Hall Katy Etzel Room 202
Facilities Services Wanda Leppla Room 103
Garvey Fine Arts Center Brad Merryman Room 211
Henderson Learning Resources Center Patti Mathews Room 114
Henderson Learning Resources Center Bonnie Paine Room 211
KTWU Television Wanda Hinton Room 202
Mabee Library Sean Bird Main floor
Memorial Union Janet Radziejeski Ichabod Shop
Memorial Union Jessica Barraclough lower level, SAGL
Morgan Hall Vicki Baer Room 104
Petro Allied Health Center Mary Kay Thornburg Nursing
Petro Allied Health Center Nancy Province Kinesiology
Residential Living Lucas Mullin Village office
Residential Living Brad Turnbull LLC office
Stoffer Science Hall Joyce Hutchins Room 312
Student Recreation and Wellness Center Marta Barnett SRWC office
Washburn School of Law Cory Payne Law admissions
Washburn Tech Georgianne Crow Dean's office, Building A
Washburn University Foundation Laura Foster main floor kitchen

Who won last year and how much did we raise?

The Washburn University Foundation won Jar Wars 2012 and is defending champion. Together, Washburn and Washburn Tech raised more than $1,200 for United Way of Greater Topeka.

Join in today and turn your change into change with United Way.