2017 Staff Council Nominations

Washburn University Staff Council provides a forum for all staff to advocate their position on issues which affect them and to provide advice to the president on matters of mutual interest. The Council is responsible for collecting issues and concerns from all staff on campus, developing by-laws, establishing representative groups, and organizing the election of alternating Staff Council representatives.

This is where YOUR help is needed to make a difference on campus. We need interested and concerned individuals to volunteer to serve on the Council if elected by the members of their group. Please do not be shy about submitting your name to be put on the ballot!

But what is YOUR OBLIGATION, you ask?

  1. You or your alternate will need to attend monthly meetings that last about an hour.
  2. You will need to make sure your supervisor understands and approves your absence during working hours.
  3. You will be in charge of collecting information from and disseminating information to the other members in your group on a regular basis.
  4. You will be asked served a two-year term starting October 1, 2017.

Submitting your name for consideration is easy.

If you would like to submit a self-nomination for Staff Council, please fill out the fields below by the end of the day September 15, 2017. The current Council will make a ballot of interested individuals for each group and run an election process to determine who the representative and alternate will be for each group. YOUR participation is requested, needed, and appreciated. Be a voice for your Staff Council group!

More information about Staff Council can be found at: www.washburn.edu/staff-council.

-Kelly Mourning-Byers, Staff Council Vice-Chair - kelly.mbyers@washburn.edu

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