Washburn University Policies, Regulations and Procedures Manual

W. Retail Sales

Table of Contents

1. Purpose

2. Designated Retailers

3. Course Material Adoptions

4. Desk Copy

5. Copyrighted Material Sales

6. Dining Services Provided

7. Ordering Catering


1. Purpose.  To set forth procedures for:

  • Acquiring course materials;
  • Selling and/or serving food on the University's main campus; and,
  • Other retail sales on the University's main campus or at University-sponsored events.

2. Designated Retailers. The University’s Bookstore and the dining services provider shall be authorized to conduct retail sales on the University's main campus or at University-sponsored events. No other entity nor any individual may conduct retail sales on the main campus or at University-sponsored events except as expressly authorized by the VPAT or designee.

3. Course Material Adoptions. Submit required information about course material adoptions to the University Bookstore.

3.1 Responsibility. Academic Department Heads shall be responsible for assembling information and submitting it by the deadline established by the University Bookstore Director for each academic term.

3.2 Required Form. The form used is the “Course Material Adoption Form.” It is available from the Bookstore and on the Bookstore's website. 

3.3 No Materials Adopted. When there is no material adoption for a course, submit the form with the notation “No materials adopted.”

4. Desk Copy. Course materials to be considered for use in a course are requested by the academic Department or faculty member directly from the publisher.

5. Copyrighted Material Sales. When retail sales of material from copyrighted sources is needed certain special additional requirements must be met. These are described below.

5.1. Certification. Certification of the following by the party submitting the material:

  • Legal permission to copy and resell has been obtained and a copy of the permission shall be retained on file for a period of not less than five years; and,
  • Arrangement for payment of royalties, when required, has been obtained. Or,
  • The material satisfies the test for “fair use” under the federal copyright law, when applicable. 

5.2 Form Requirement. A completed and signed copy of the form, “Certification of Compliance With Copyright Laws Regarding Copied Materials” must be submitted to the University Bookstore.

5.3 Payment of Royalties. When payment of royalties by the faculty member is contingent upon number of copies sold or amount of money collected the following applies:

  • A copy of the royalty agreement shall be provided to the University Bookstore;
  • The amount of the royalty will be included in the selling price of the material; and,
  • A report of sales shall be provided the faculty member along with any payment due the faculty member.

6. Dining Services Provided. The University's dining services provider shall be responsible for the following operations:

  • Housing meal program;
  • Union Market;
  • Catering on the main campus;
  • Concessions;
  • Libation station; and,
  • The Study Grounds at Mabee Library.

7. Ordering Catering. Services may be requested by ordering from the standard catering menu or by developing a customized menu.

7.1 Standard Menu Orders.  Standard catering menu orders may be placed with the dining services office.

7.2 Custom Menu Orders. Custom menu orders may be made only with the University’s executive chef.

7.3 Advance Consultation. Event Planners should consult with the Memorial Union and dining services well in advance of the event.