Washburn University Policies, Regulations and Procedures Manual

V. Printing Services

Table of Contents

1. Purpose

2. Printing and Copy Reproduction

3. Ordering Printing and Copying

4. Payment for Printing and Copying


1. Purpose.
  To set forth a description of material reproduction and printing services provided by the University Mail and Printing Services (UMAPS), and applicable regulations and procedures for their use.

2. Printing and Copy Reproduction.  UMAPS have capabilities to meet the printing and copying requirements on the campus. 

2.1 Available Services.  Available services shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Graphic design and design consultation;
  • Printing in black and white;
  • Multiple color printing with a wide assortment of available colors;
  • Copying in black and white;
  • Full color digital printing/copying;
  • Convenience copying;
  • Binding;
  • Variable data printing
  • Wide format color printing; and,
  • Folding, perforating, embossing, cutting, laminating and miscellaneous other services.

2.2 Paper Selection. Available in various sizes and colors.

3. Ordering Printing and Copying.  Services may be requested by submitting the "Printing Requisition" form indicating work being requested and authorizing payment for the service. Submit the completed and signed form to UMAPS along with the material to be processed. 

3.1 Printing Requisition Forms. These are available:

  • From UMAPS; and,
  • Online at http://www.washburn.edu/main/umaps/index.html

3.2 Production Time Required. Submit order and material well in advance for timely completion. Contact UMAPS during the planning of projects for an estimate of the amount of time required.

4. Payment for Printing and Copying.  UMAPS accepts:

  • "Printing Requisition" form with authorized signature; and,
  • Cash, check, credit card, or iCard.