C. Student Employment

 For most operational questions, please refer to the Regulations and Procedures  

1. Employee BenefitsStudent Employees shall not be benefit eligible.

2. Hourly Wage Rates.

2.1 Minimum Rate. Student Employees shall be paid at an hourly rate not less than the Federal Minimum Hourly Wage Rate.

2.2 Job Classifications and Wage Rates. The Administration shall establish job classifications for Student Employees and the wage rate shall be specific for each classification. Students may receive a pay increase for each year of service. The wage rates shall be approved by the Board.

3. Exception.   Those whose primary University status is as an Employee are not subject to these employment policies. 

4.  Background Checks.  Criminal background checks shall be conducted on all Students to whom a conditional offer of employment has been made whose duties would involve working with minors, the vulnerable population, or other Students in certain positions as determined by the Administration.