X. Risk Management and Safety

For most operational questions, please refer to the Regulations and Procedures  

1. Purpose.

1.1 Policies. This statement sets forth the policies applicable to risk management and safety programs.

1.2 Establishment of Regulations. The Administration shall establish a risk management and safety program consistent with Board policies, applicable laws and regulations, and sound, equitable business and risk management practices.

2. Scope.  The program’s mission shall be to provide direction in maintaining a safe environment for Students, Employees, and visitors, and to conserve University assets from the consequences of loss.

3. Responsibility.  Except where stated otherwise, the VPAT, or designee, shall be responsible for administration of the program. All Employees and Students are responsible for following established policies, regulations, procedures, and practices which foster a safe environment.

4. Operation of Vehicles

4.1 Minimum Qualifications for University Drivers. All individuals operating a vehicle for University business purposes shall be required to have:

  • A valid Kansas Driver’s License and endorsement for the classification of the vehicle assigned to operate; and,
  • An MVR acceptable to the Administration.

4.2 Automobile Liability Insurance. The University shall maintain automobile liability insurance for University owned or leased vehicles. Individuals permitted to use a personally provided vehicle for University business purposes shall provide required insurance.

4.3 Suspension or Revocation of Driving Privilege. The Administration shall establish guidelines for the temporary suspension or revocation of an individual’s driving privileges when the individual’s driving record is deemed to warrant such action. 

5.  Missing Student Notification. 
The Administration shall establish procedures and regulations consistent with applicable law and regulations for notification to designated individuals and law enforcement when a Student residing in on-campus housing is determined to be a missing person.

5.1.  Employee Responsibility.  Any Employee who has reason to believe a Student residing in on-campus housing is missing shall immediately notify the Director of Residential Living.  The Director shall gather information to determine if there is valid reason to believe such Student is missing.  If the Director concludes the Student is missing, the Director immediately shall notify University Police.

5.2  Vice President for Student Life Responsibility.  The Vice President for Student Life or designee shall be responsible for notifying:

  • Students residing on campus of the University's procedures and regulations related to a missing campus resident Student; and,
  • The individual designated by such Student age 18 or the custodial parent/legal guardian of a Student under 18 and not an emancipated individual, when such Student has been determined to be missing for more than 24 hours.

6.  Emergency Messaging.  The Administration shall establish a system to send emergency messages to Students, family members or guardians of Students, and Employees upon approval of a member of the Administration.

7.  Inclement Weather.  The Administration shall establish regulations and procedures regarding the delay, cancellation, or suspension of normal University operations during a period of extraordinary weather or weather related conditions (inclement weather).