Y. Police

For most operational questions, please refer to the Regulations and Procedures  

1. Purpose

1.1 Policy. This statement sets forth the policies applicable to the provision of law enforcement services for University Students, Employees, visitors, and property.

1.2 Establishment of Regulations. The Administration shall establish regulations and procedures for the protection of lives and property and the maintenance of a safe learning and working environment on the University campus or property controlled by the University. These regulations and procedures shall be consistent with Board policies, applicable laws and regulations, and sound and equitable business practices. 

2. University Police Department. The Administration shall maintain a University Police Department with such authority and police powers conferred upon university police by the state of Kansas.

3. Parking and Traffic Regulations. The Administration shall develop and maintain regulations governing the operation and parking of vehicles on University property. 

3.1 Fees. The Administration shall assess and enforce payment of fees for Student or Employee violations of parking regulations. The amount of the fees shall be set by the Administration.

4. Firearms. 

4.1 On University Property. The possession or use of firearms or other weapons of any kind on University owned or controlled property by anyone except University officers shall be prohibited except as otherwise permitted by law. 

4.2 On University Business. The possession or use of firearms or other weapons of any kind by Employees, except University officers, engaged in the performance of their duties, shall be prohibited. 

5.  Lost and Found Property.  The University shall assume no responsibility for the care and/or protection of any person's personal property.  Persons shall be responsible for their personal property on University controlled property or for loss of or damage to such property for any reason including, but not limited to theft or vandalism.