AA. Facilities Use

For most operational questions, please refer to the Regulations and Procedures  

Table of Contents

1. Purpose

2. Use Priorities

3. Use Restrictions

4. Fees

5. Soliciting Business

6. Right to Deny Use

7. Indicia

8. User Responsibility


1. Purpose

1.1 Policy. This statement sets forth the policies for the use of specific University facilities made available for meetings, activities, and events.

1.2 Establishment of Regulations. The Administration shall establish regulations and procedures governing the reservation and use of these specific facilities consistent with Board policies and applicable laws and regulations. The regulations shall ensure the effective use of University facilities to fulfill its mission, and shall provide for the uniform and consistent administration of facilities usage.

2. Use Priorities. The Administration shall establish priorities for use of the buildings. These priorities shall be consistent with the primary purposes of the buildings and grounds or portions thereof, and the mission of the University.

3. Use Restrictions. Facilities shall be available for use subject to the following restrictions. Facilities shall not be used for purposes which:

  • Duplicate or compete with University educational activities;
  • Interfere with the educational functions of the University or the activities which support those functions;
  • Are for private or commercial for-profit purposes;
  • Are for a non-University group to raise money for purposes not connected with University business or activities; or,
  • Are for the purpose of organizing or carrying out any unlawful activity.

4. Fees. The Administration shall establish and collect fees for use of facilities and related services provided by the University.

5. Soliciting Business. University representatives shall not solicit the use of facilities by the general public. It is not the intent of the University to compete with private hospitality and conference businesses.

6. Right to Deny Use. The University reserves the right to deny use of facilities by any requestor and shall be the sole judge in making the determination.

7. Indicia. The name, insignia, seal, logo or other University or Department indicia may be used by the University.  Non-University groups may use such indicia only with prior approval of the appropriate University authority.

8. User Responsibility. All individuals on University property shall be required to comply with Board policies and University regulations.