BB. Computing and Information Technology Resources

For most operational questions, please refer to the Regulations and Procedures  

1.  Purpose.  To set forth policies regarding the availability, use, integrity, and safeguarding of the University’s electronic information and its computing and information technology resources. 

2.  Establishment of Regulations.  The Administration shall establish regulations and procedures to ensure that the University’s digital information, computing systems, and information technology resources are reliable, responsive, trusted, and protected.  These regulations shall be consistent with Board policies, the University’s mission, applicable laws and regulations, and sound, equitable business practices. 

3.  Scope.  Information technology resources are important components of the University’s educational, research, services, communications, and operational activities.  This policy provides a framework for the responsibility for, and use of these resources by:

  • Students;
  • Employees;
  • Emeriti or those designated as eminentes universitatis;
  • The general public when such access or use is for purposes related to the mission of the University; and,
  • Others as authorized by the Administration or designee responsible for the ITR.

4.  Information Technology Resources (ITR).  Information technology resources which shall be protected from unauthorized access or from loss include, but are not limited to, computer hardware and software, information systems, databases, digital media, electronic equipment, and communications devices connected to an ITR.  This definition includes ITR that exist now or will become available in the future.

5.  Responsibilities.  Each Employee, Student, University Group, or authorized Non-University Group shall be responsible for the appropriate use and protection of ITR when used by or assigned to such Employee, Student, University Group, or Non-University Group, following published ITR processes and procedures.

6.  Technology Steering Committee.  The Administration shall establish a committee which shall be responsible for ensuring that the strategic development and deployment of University information technology resources, services, and support are guided by planning, priorities, policies, regulations, and procedures.  This committee shall be an advisory body reporting to the President. 

7.  Acceptable Use.  The Administration shall ensure that ITR stewardship and acceptable use responsibilities are defined and that they protect the rights of individual users to pursue scholarly inquiry and fulfill their University-related responsibilities while providing ITR protections.  Acceptable use responsibilities, regulations, and procedures shall be communicated to ITR users, providers, and support personnel.