D. Compensation

For most operational questions, please refer to the Regulations and Procedures  

Table of Contents

1. Purpose

2. Compensation

3. Fund Source and Rate of Pay

4. Basis of Earnings

5. Determination of Pay Rate

6. Extra Remuneration Restrictions


1. Purpose.

1.1 Policies. This statement sets forth the policies applicable to Employee compensation and Position classification.

1.2 Establishment of Regulations. 

1.2.1 The Administration shall establish and maintain a classification plan for Non-exempt Positions. The plan shall include an appropriate title and specifications describing the occupational summary and the work performed for each Position.

1.2.2 Compensation to Employees for services performed, and maintenance of records related thereto shall be consistent with applicable laws and regulations.

2. CompensationThe University shall compensate Employees in a manner which:

  • Assures consistent treatment of comparable Positions;
  • Affords opportunity for recognition of quality of work, continued good service, and outstanding performance; and,
  • Takes account of compensation practices outside the University.

3. Fund Source and Rate of PayThe source of funds shall have no bearing on the rates of pay established for Positions. 

4. Basis of Earnings

4.1 Non-Exempt Employees. Earnings are based on the hourly wage rate times the actual hours worked. Hours worked in excess of 40 in a work-week shall be compensated at not less than one and one-half times the regular rate.

4.2 Exempt Employees. Earnings are based on the annual salary.

5. Determination of Pay Rate

5.1 Non-Exempt Positions. The rates of pay for Non-exempt Positions shall be determined by the approved Compensation Schedule.

5.1.1 Former Non-exempt Employees returning to employment in the same classification shall be paid no more than the rate at which they were being paid at the time of termination. However, the pay may be higher if, in the intervening time, increases in salary or adjustments in the Compensation Schedule warrant a higher pay.

5.2 Exempt Positions. The rates of pay for Exempt Positions shall be based upon budgeted salary amount.

6. Extra Remuneration RestrictionsFull-time Employees shall not receive extra remuneration for services reasonably assumed to be a part of their job. However, twelve-month Employees without faculty rank may be assigned to teach University courses, and receive extra remuneration for the service.

6.1 Not Eligible. 

6.1.1 Major Academic Unit Deans, Vice Presidents, and the President are not eligible for extra remuneration.

6.1.2 Full-time Employees with faculty rank shall not be eligible to receive additional remuneration for teaching academic credit hour courses.

6.2 Eligible. Full-time Employees with faculty rank may receive remuneration for teaching non-credit courses.