Washburn University Policies, Regulations and Procedures Manual

U. Mail Distribution and Processing

Table of Contents

1. Purpose

2. Definitions

3. Mail and Package Distribution Methods

4. Mail Processing

5. Ordering Mail Processing


1. Purpose
.  To set forth a description of mail services provided by the University Mail and Printing Services (UMAPS), and applicable regulations and procedures for their use.

2. Definitions.

2.1 “Mail” means material in-bound or out-bound via the US Postal Service (USPS), and via package delivery companies; and printed communication and/or material sent from one Department or Employee to another (internal mail). Internal mail shall only be material used for the conduct of University business.

  • “In-bound” means mail received from points off campus.
  • “Out-bound” means mail sent from on campus to points off campus.

2.2 “Tabbing” means the sealing of printed material with self-adhesive tabs or tape.

2.3 “Fulfillment of mail” means receiving, assembling, sorting, inserting of material into boxes or envelopes, affixing postage, and mailing.

3. Mail and Package Distribution Methods

3.1 Mailboxes. Mailboxes are available at UMAPS in limited numbers for Departments, and for faculty for University business use. The box holder is responsible for frequently and regularly removing the mail from the box. Submit requests for a box in writing to the UMAPS Manager.

3.2 Delivery by UMAPS. Representatives of UMAPS deliver to designated locations on campus and from those locations to UMAPS. Contact UMAPS for a list of such locations.

3.3 Delivery by Departments. Representatives of University Departments deliver to:

  • UMAPS;
  • The on-campus Washburn Station when out-bound with postage applied by the Department; or,
  • Any USPS post office when out-bound with postage applied by the Department.

3.4 Packages. Packages are included in the distribution methods described previously. Departments may arrange either through UMAPS or directly for shipment of packages via a package delivery company such as FedEx and UPS. Contact UMAPS for information about procedures for use of a package delivery company.

3.5 Hazardous Materials. The following procedures are based on codes and standards, risk management and safety concerns, and liability considerations. They pertain to the delivery of materials defined and classified in article 80 of the Uniform Fire Code as chemicals or substances which are physical or health hazards, whether the materials are in usable or waste condition.

3.5.1  Only those hazardous materials packages identified by Department of Transportation package and container placards and standardized markings will be released to University Employees.

3.5.2  Upon receipt of package containing hazardous materials, UMAPS shall notify the Employee/Department to whom addressed.

3.5.3 The receiving Employee/Department shall be responsible for picking up the package on the same date it isreceived by UMAPS.

3.5.4  Packages containing hazardous materials shall not be opened in UMAPS.

3.5.5 UMAPS shall make delivery to the receiving Employee/Department:

  • Only when it is impossible for the Employee/Department to pick up the package; and
  • For a charge to the receiving Department.

4. Mail Processing.  Services provided by UMAPS include:


Turnaround Time

Metering and sealing of first class envelopes.

Same day if in by 3:30 p.m.

Metering of packages of one (1) pound or less.

Same day if in by 3:30 p.m. 

Metering, sealing, and delivery of bulk mail.

Within 5 business days

Inserting of material into envelopes.

Within 2 business days

Address labeling.

Within 2 business days

Tabbing of self-mailing material.

Within 2 business days

Fulfillment of mail.

Within 5 business days

5. Ordering Mail Processing
Services may be requested by submitting the Mailing Requisition form indicating work being requested and authorizing payment for the service. Submit the completed and signed form to UMAPS along with the material to be processed. 

5.1 Mailing Requisition forms are available: