Washburn University Policies, Regulations and Procedures Manual

G. Employee and Student Identification

Table of Contents

1. Purpose

2. Definitions

3. Eligibility

4. iCard Distribution

5. iCard Uses

6. Replacement of iCard

7. Termination of Use of iCard


1. Purpose.
  To set forth regulations and procedures for the administration and use of the University identification card consistent with Board policies and applicable laws and regulations.

2. Definitions.  For the purpose of the identification card regulations and procedures these definitions apply.

2.1 “iCard” means the official University identification card.

2.2 “Contractor” means a vendor providing services or products requiring representatives be on campus on a frequent basis.

2.3 “WIN” (Washburn Identification Number) means the unique number assigned to an individual associated with the University.

3. Eligibility.  The following groups of people are eligible to be issued a card.

3.1 Employees.  Employees as defined in the Introduction and Definition Section of this manual.

3.2 Students.  Students as defined in the Introduction and Definition Section of this manual.

3.3 Conference participants.  Those who are involved in a conference being held on campus.

3.4 Contractors.  Contractors as defined above.

3.5 Individuals Admitted. Individuals admitted to the University but not yet enrolled may be issued an iCard, but privileges are not granted until they become Students.

3.6 Other Individuals. Other individuals involved in campus functions, if need for an iCard is determined by the Administration.

4. iCard Distribution.  The method by which the iCard is obtained is dependent upon the status of the card applicant.

4.1 Employees and Students. These groups apply for the card in the Ichabod Service Center (ISC). The applicant must show government issued photo identification which includes, but is not limited to, driver’s license, military, or passport identification. Cards issued will normally be distributed directly to the applicant.

4.2 Contractors, Conference Participants, Others. For these groups needing temporary card use, cards are distributed by the applicable Department Head, conference coordinator, or, when appropriately pre-arranged, directly to an individual. 

4.2.1 Contractors requesting an iCard with photo must show one of the identifications listed in 4.1.

4.2.2 The individual distributing the card is responsible for tracking the card and returning it to the ISC when its use is no longer needed.

4.2.3 A $5.00 per card fee is charged to a conference group when the card will be used to purchase meals. 

4.2.4 A $5.00 fee is charged to a conference group for each replacement card issued to the group. This fee applies when the card is lost, stolen, or damaged through misuse.

4.3 On-line Class Enrollees. Those in this group may request a WIN by calling the ISC if:

  • They live outside the Topeka area; and,
  • They are not enrolled in any on-campus courses. 

5. iCard Uses.  

5.1 Debit Card Account. This service,“Bod Bucks”, is a declining balance program. The card holder may make deposits to this account to be used for purchases at various campus locations. 

5.1.1 Deposits to the account may be made:

  • In the ISC in the form of cash, checks, money orders, or University accepted credit cards;
  • In cash-to-card machines on campus using cash only;
  • By payroll deduction, if an Employee;
  • By telephone, if using a University accepted credit card;
  • By a transfer of Departmental funds; or,
  • On the ISC website with approved credit card..

5.1.2 Bod Bucks accounts continue from semester to semester, year to year so long as the holder is eligible for a card.

5.1.3 Cash withdrawals are not permitted from Bod Bucks accounts.

5.1.4 A $5.00 monthly maintenance fee is deducted from the remaining balance of an account beginning after 12 consecutive months of inactivity.

5.2 Board Contract Account. This service,“Dining Dollars,” is for residential living Students and other iCard eligible people who choose to utilize the account. This account is restricted to purchases in the Union Market and Corner Store.

5.2.1 Dining Dollars accounts are active for the term of the residential living contract. 

5.2.2 Any balance remaining at the end of the contract term is forfeited to the University.

5.2.3 Cash withdrawals are not permitted from the Dining Dollars account.

5.3 Door Access. Access to facilities installed with card readers may be obtained with the iCard. To request door access: 

  • Obtain a door access form from ISC; and,
  • Complete the form, obtain the appropriate approval, and submit the form to ISC.

5.4 Status Verification. Uses for status verification include, but are not limited to:

  • Library circulation;
  • Free admission (Students only) to athletic events;
  • Free admission (Students and Employees) to University theatre performances;
  • Free admission (Students only) to Student Recreation and Wellness Center; and,
  • Student Health Services.

6. Replacement of iCard.  To request replacement of an iCard, visit the ISC.

6.1 Photo Identification. The applicant must show government issued photo identification which includes, but is not limited to, driver’s license, military or passport identification. 

6.2 Replacement Fee. A $10.00 fee is charged individual card holders for cards lost, stolen, damaged through misuse, or needed because of a name change. 

7. Termination of Use of iCard.  Use of an iCard is terminated as follows.

7.1 Bod Bucks Accounts. These accounts are closed by completing an “Account Closure/Refund Request” form at the ISC. 

7.1.1 Student accounts may only be closed upon graduation or withdrawal from the University.         

7.1.2 Employee accounts may only be closed upon termination of University employment.

7.1.3 There is a $15.00 processing fee deducted from any remaining balance.

7.2 Door Access Termination.   The authorizing individual is responsible for initiating termination of this service.

7.2.1 For individuals no longer eligible to have an iCard, the authorizing individual shall obtain the iCard from the card holder and turn it in to the ISC where the service will be deactivated.  If the iCard is not obtainable, the authorizing individual shall immediately notify ISC. 

7.2.2 For individuals with continuing iCard eligibility, but no longer specific door access eligibility, the authorizing individual shall notify ISC.