Washburn University Policies, Regulations and Procedures Manual


5.  Definitions.  For purposes of these policies and related regulations and procedures, the following definitions apply: 

5.1 “Adjunct Faculty” means an individual appointed on an academic term basis to teach not more than one-half of the normal faculty load for regular faculty in the particular academic program and for the term. 

5.2 “Administration” means the University President and Vice Presidents.

5.3 “Administrative Position” means a Position requiring specific knowledge and a level of authority and responsibility for decisions having significant impact upon the University. 

5.4 “Area Head” means those Employees holding either the title of President or Vice-President.  

5.5 "Banner" means an integrated database comprised of the University's academic and administrative records.

5.6 “Board” means the Washburn University Board of Regents.  

5.7 “Budgeted Position” means a Position listed in the University budget for the then current fiscal year. 

5.8 “Classified Position” means a Position having a preponderance of duties and responsibilities similar to other Positions grouped to form a classification.  

5.9 “Demotion” means a change in assignment of an Employee from one Position to another requiring different qualifications, skill, and experience, involving a lower level of responsibility, and having a lower rate of compensation. 

5.10 “Department” means a unit, having one person with ultimate responsibility and authority for it, charged with carrying out specific function(s) related to the conduct of University business. The word Department does not necessarily need to be included in the title of the unit. Examples of Departments include, but are not limited to, the office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Nursing, Office of Institutional Research, Financial Aid Office, Office of Residential Living, the Division of Continuing Education, and the Psychology Department. Within a Department there may be sub-units which are not regarded as a Department, because the sub-unit does not have a person with ultimate responsibility/authority. 

5.11 “Department Head” means the person having ultimate responsibility/authority for a Department and the performance of its specific function(s) in compliance with applicable laws, policies, regulations and procedures. 

5.12 “Employee” means any individual who is receiving a wage or a salary from the University. 

5.13 “Exempt Position” means a Position compensated on a salary basis and deemed exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act minimum wage and overtime requirements. 

5.14 “Fiscal Year” means July 1 through June 30. 

5.15 "FOAPAL" is a number used for classification, budgeting, recording and/or reporting of financial information in Banner.  FOAPAL is an acronym made up of the Fund (F), Organization (O), Account (A), Program (P), Activity (A), and Location (L) codes.

5.16 “Full Time Equivalent (FTE)” means an employment contract of 40 hours per week, 52 weeks per year, or a full teaching load of 24 credit hours over the Fall and Spring semesters or its equivalent. A 40 hours, 52 weeks, or full teaching load contract is expressed as a 1.0 FTE contract. 

5.17 “Major Academic Unit Dean” means the individual who has principal administrative responsibility for a specific Major Academic Unit and who reports directly to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  

5.18 “Major Academic Unit” means the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Applied Studies, the School of Business, the School of Law, and the School of Nursing. 

5.19 “Non-exempt Position” means a Position subject to the minimum wage and overtime requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act. 

5.20 "Non-University Group" means an organization or group, or individual not meeting the definition of a University Group.

5.21 “Part-time Employee” means an Employee who is employed to work less than 40 hours per week, 52 weeks per year or who is scheduled to carry less than a full teaching load or its equivalent.  

5.22 “Position” means a collection of job duties and responsibilities which:

  • Appears in an approved budget line or is otherwise Board approved;
  • Is reasonably anticipated to continue; and,
  • Must be filled, when vacant, through recruitment.

5.23 "Promotion" means a change in assignment of an Employee from one Position to another requiring different qualifications, skill, and experience, involving a higher level of responsibility, and having a higher rate of compensation.

5.24 “Retail Sales” means the offering for sale or the sale of goods or services to a person or persons for consumption or use. Goods and services includes but is not limited to, books, merchandise, soft goods, food, pre-packaged food, printing, and copying. Sales of tickets to athletic events, musical and theater performances, exhibitions, showings, or other similar type events are not considered retail sales. Tickets sold to be used as exchange for goods or services are included as retail sales. 

5.25 “Student” means an individual currently enrolled, in one or more of the University’s credit courses or was enrolled in the preceding academic term and has registered for the following semester.

5.26 “Student Organization” means a Student group currently approved as a registered Student Organization or whose application is in the approval process.  

5.27 “Temporary Employment” means the Employee has been hired to meet University needs which are temporary in nature, and/or the employment contract is for no more than 999 hours per fiscal year. 

5.28 "Transfer" means a change in assignment of an Employee from one Position to another requiring comparable qualifications, skill, and experience, involving a comparable level of responsibility, and having the same rate of compensation.

5.29 “University” means both Washburn University and Washburn Institute of Technology, unless specifically stated otherwise. 

5.30 “University Group” means a Student Organization, a University Department or program, a University committee, or an Employee group or organization.

5.31 “VPAA” means the Employee who holds the Position of Vice President for Academic Affairs. 

5.32 “VPAT” means the Employee who holds the Position of Vice President for Administration and Treasurer.