Finance Office

Inventory Control

Inventory Control Staff

Toni Kreke, Interim Associate Vice President / Director of Finance

John Bredahl, Inventory Control Services Manager

Please visit the Inventory Control Office in Morgan Hall room 213 or call 785-670-2313.

Hours of Operation

Monday / Tuesday:  8:00am to 5:00pm   
Wednesday:  8:30am to 5:00pm   
Thursday / Friday:  8:00am to 5:00pm   


Assoc VP/Dir Finance:  211 Morgan Hall   
Accounting:  211 Morgan Hall   
Accounts Payable:  211 Morgan Hall   
Business Office:  103 Morgan Hall   
Cashier Window:  103 Morgan Hall   
Grants Accounting:  214 Morgan Hall   
Inventory Control:  213 Morgan Hall   
Payroll:  212 Morgan Hall   
Purchasing:  214 Morgan Hall   

Contact Information

Accounting:  785.670.2031   
Accounts Payable:  785.670.2044   
Business Office:  785.670.1156   
Cashiers:  785.670.1156   
Grants Accounting:  785.670.2036   
Inventory Control:  785.670.2313   
Payroll:  785.670.2039   
Purchasing:  785.670.2333   
Fax Number:  785.670.1054