C-TELCenter for Teaching Excellence and Learning

Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning (C-TEL)

Our Temporary Location

206A Mabee Library | Washburn University | 785.670.2546

Faculty and Staff Learning Communities

A Faculty and Staff Learning Community (FSLC) is a cross-disciplinary group of 4-6 faculty/staff members who engage in an active, collaborative, year-long program that consists of both individual and group teaching and learning projects.  Participants immerse themselves in exploratory research as “expert” learners attempting to solve various teaching and learning issues. C-TEL staff will provide administrative and scheduling support for the FSLCs.

FSLC’s will be established in an effort to address two over-arching issues.  One, reduce individual faculty and staff isolation by building collaborations around common interest.  Second, address the Vision 2022 statement which envisions Washburn as a “Student centered, teaching focused” institution.  FSLCs are an opportunity to move Washburn in the direction of learning-centeredness.

FLCs will be topic-based and created to address specific needs, issues, or challenges that relate to teaching and learning.  Some possible topics for FLC could include:

  • Using Technology to Enhance Teaching and Learning: (with specific topic identified, ie. iPads);
  • Problem-Based Learning;
  • Team-Based Learning; 
  • e-Portfolios at Washburn
  • Modern Learning Spaces
  • Social Media, Ethics, and Professionalism in Health Care
  • Addressing Issues of Diversity and Oppression in the Classroom

FSLC Proposal 

Our first group of FSLCs will begin in the Fall of 2014.  If you would like to organize or participate in a FSLC please contact us by e-mail or telephone.  Our application/proposal materials will be available soon.

Biology teacher and students

School of Business teacher and students

School of Business teacher with laptop, and students