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Washburn defines diversity broadly to encompass gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation and identity, disability, age, religion and national origin. Since the classroom is foundational to the culture of a university, a valuing of diversity will spill out into other aspects of the Washburn community and create a more welcoming and inclusive campus.

Diversity in teaching and learning includes content and pedagogy that…

  • Creates and assesses a classroom climate in which all students can develop an appreciation for and understanding of the various cultures represented in the classroom.
  • Encourage staff, faculty, and students to recognize and respond to any biases or stereotypes they may have absorbed.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to evolving, unbiased terminology that refers to specific ethnic and cultural groups.
  • Teach the perspectives and experiences of a pluralistic society and inform students of the history and culture of groups other than their own.
  • Foster intercultural competence and prepare students to work in a global community where they are sensitive to issues of privilege, diversity, and inclusion.