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Utility Conservation

We are committed to energy and resource conservation.  Energy conservation helps reduce the effects of global warming, acid rain and smoke, and protects our natural resources.  Water conservation is a vital concern as well.

Electrical systems:  Retrofit light fixtures and exit signs; install motion detectors; encourage staff to use more natural light if applicable; use high energy efficient motors; install capacitor to correct low power factor issue; perform energy audit and utility bill audit; and kick-off an annual utility conservation campaign.

Water systems:  Install water flow restrictor on faucets and shower heads; install low water flow on urinal and flush valves and/or fixtures; install a drip system instead of lawn sprinkler system; plant more native plants and trees; and evaluate and test the waterless urinals.

HVAC system:  Upgrade HVAC systems and boiler controls; take advantage of free cooling in the spring and fall; replace some single-pane glass on old windows; install sun-reflective film or venetian blinds on windows; replace broken pipe insulations; specify high energy efficient equipment for replacement and on new projects; Install more water heaters per building instead of converting steam (from Heat Plant) to hot/heating water.

Roofing system:  Install more roof insulation under roofing material to reduce heat from the roof on any roofing replacement or new project.