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Got Batteries?

Rechargeable batteries contain hazardous waste. Please do not throw them in the trash. Instead find a battery recycling station on campus.

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Recycling & Waste Reduction

The participation and support from the administration, faculty, staff and students is the key to a successful recycling program at Washburn... and will reduce waste and trash, which will save landfill space and natural resources, giving us a more attractive campus.  The University also realizes an economic advantage if we consume wisely, reduce waste and reduce our energy footprint.  We appreciate and wish to thank all Washburn faculty, staff and students for your continued help and support of the recycling program.

The recycling is collected by the custodial staff.  If you have any large quantities of recyclable material or hard-backed books, please contact your building custodian or Shirley McClendon at (785) 670-1554, to schedule a pick up. 

Washburn University Collects Single Stream Recycling!  (ALL materials in one bin.) 

The same items, Shawnee County residential curbside recycling collect, may be deposited into the Washburn University "single stream" recycling.

  • All mixed paper products.
  • Plastics #1-7 EMPTIED and fairly clean prior to depositing - Leave the lids on.
    • Pop bottles, drink cups (like Solo), food containers, etc.
  • Aluminum and tin cans  - EMPTIED of food and liquids!
  • Cardboard and chipboard boxes.  Please BREAK DOWN boxes prior to placing them next to the recycling container.
  • Glass - any color - EMPTIED and fairly clean prior to depositing.

WE DO NOT COLLECT -  Pizza boxes or cardboard contaminated with food - Coated paper milk cartons - Styrofoam - Paper coffee cups - Lids. Click here for a detailed list of recyclable-vs-trash items.

The following are samples of recycling containers we have in various locations across campus. 

 Grouped sample of recycle containers.Sample of recycle container.Sample of recycle container.

Sample of recycle container.  This is a picture of the "cans and bottles" containers that are used during campus events and at the Union Market.  Plastics #1-7 EMPTIED and fairly clean prior to depositing (pop bottles, drink cups).

Sample of recycle container.This is a picture of  "Paper Only" recycling containers which are also called desk-side recycling containers.  Envelopes with plastic windows and a few staples are also okay.  (Lunch scraps should NOT be placed in these container, instead please place them in the break room containers.)