Our Goals for Washburn

    In its united efforts to improve Washburn University, the 2016-2017 Washburn Student Government Association led by the Mikkelsen/Rodriguez Administration has put forth a number of goals in order to accomplish this task. The first goal put forth by the 2016-2017 Administration is to work towards bringing Open Access resources to Washburn’s Campus. Open Access resources would provide students with free textbooks, and help to decrease the amount of money students are spending each semester. In addition to Open Access textbooks, WSGA will also work to improve campus pride by providing opportunities such as an “I’ve been WU’d” campaign. The “I’ve been WU’d” campaign will encourage students to trade in t-shirts from other colleges in return for a Washburn t-shirt.

     WSGA will also continue to work to improve lighting across campus, create campus policies that will positively impact the student body, and consider ways to make the Constitution of WSGA more easily understood and accessible by the student body. WSGA will address concerns of accessibility on campus and will continue to provide forums for students to candidly discuss issues like diversity and sexual assault at Washburn. Students can become involved in a number of different ways including becoming a senator for WSGA. Open senate seat applications can be found online at or in the office, found in the lower level of the Union. Students may also contact the office by emailing or calling (785) 670-1169.