Student Services

Each semester, Washburn University students pay a student activity fee that assists in the funding of many projects and activities available to all students. The following are just a few of the many activities, events, and services that are available to all students, including Law School students. 

Collegiate Readership Program

Pick up FREE copies of USA Today, The New York Times, and Topeka Capital-Journal! Located in the blue newspaper dispenser bins across campus. Just swipe your iCard for a FREE paper of your choice!

Get Out Of The Campus Bubble


iSave is a free student discount program in the Topeka-area.  The program is a great way for businesses around Topeka to show their support for everything that Washburn represents to Topeka. All you have to do is show a valid Washburn ID! 

Go here for a full list of our current discounts. 

Safe Ride

Safe Ride is a free service for Washburn students who need a safe ride home from any Topeka-area drinking establishment. Call 785-267-3777!  All you need is a valid Washburn ID. 

Student Initiative Grant

Want to help to improve campus and have an idea of just how to do it? Apply for a Student Initiative Grant and get your idea funded by WSGA. With the help of WSGA your vision of campus can become a reality. There is a limited budget and ideas may be evaluated on a first come, first serve basis. Apply here today!

Student Organization Advertising

Registered student organizations are eligible for advertising from WSGA for their campus events. Click HERE to view the advertising request form. The Marketing Director/Public Relations Director will process your form. Please allow 5-10 days for your advertising request to be completed!

Student Organization Funding

One of the duties of the Washburn Student Government Association is to provide funding to registered student organizations when requested.  Registered student organizations are eligible for $3000 a year, $2000 of which can be allocated for off-campus events.  The process for acquiring funding requires completion of the following steps.

The WSGA Funding Request Process

1) Fill out both forms below:

Funding Request Form 

Spending Breakdown 

2) Email both forms to the Budget Director at  Forms are due before Monday at 5pm of the week you plan to present your request to the Allocations Committee (see Step 3).  This Monday must be at least 15 days prior to the start date of your event. 

3) Attend the next allocation meeting. These meetings occur every Wednesday evening after full senate adjourns in the Lincoln Room (upper level of the Union).

4) At the meeting, you will present your funding request, information about your club, and the club’s fundraising and community service completed this year. Representative should dress professionally, be punctual, and be prepared to answer questions.

  • At this point, the Allocations Committee will grant the funding request “favorable” or “unfavorable” status.

5) Attend the next full senate meeting (usually the following Wednesday) in the Kansas room at 6:30 PM to present your funding request to the senate. (The funding request will be presented to the Senate as a bill.)

  • A member of the organization requesting funding MUST attend this meeting to answer any questions the Senate might have regarding the request.

6) If the bill passes, be in communication with the Budget Director for further instruction.

(click here to view Funding Policy)

Before attending the Allocations Committee Meeting, have the following information prepared:

Organization Fundraising: What fundraising has the organization participated in this school year? This can include membership dues as well as traditional fundraising options such as selling t-shirts (or any item) or receiving monetary donations from the community or other companies.

Organization Community Service: What community service has the organization participated in this school year? This can include anything from participating in food drives to volunteering at a local homeless shelter or adopting a stretch of highway to clean up monthly.

An individual organization can receive a maximum of $3,000 per school year:
All of this amount can be used for on-campus events
$2,000 of this amount can be used for off-campus events
$300 of this amount can be used for shirts