Ichabod Financial Counseling $ervices


What is financial literacy anyway?

The short answer is “knowing how money works in the world”.  Great, good deal, let’s move on, right?

Not so fast! 

You’re in college, and while Washburn University makes attending college much more affordable than many other schools, being a student or a recent alumni means that you may have a few extra things to think about. We want to make sure that when you graduate, we send you out into the world knowing how to manage your money - including your student loans. 

Washburn University is proud to offer a free online program called $ALT℠.  $ALT is a program started by American Student Assistance which has partnered with Washburn University to give you the tools and resources to help you manage your money and be sure that you are on track paying back student loans. 

Bottom line:  Is this going to cost me anything? 

Nope. Not a penny.  Washburn University has partnered with $ALT to offer these tools and resources completely free of charge to students and recent alumni.  We want you to succeed out there in the world without having to worry about money issues. This is a great way to get started.  Washburn University is committed to helping students enhance their financial knowledge.

$alt Overview
SALT overview video