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Self-Managed Credentials

A credential file is sometimes used in a job search in the field of education. A credential file is a packet of information including letters of reference and university transcripts. Education students are advised to begin creating a credential file prior to applying for a teaching position.

Resources for Creating a Self-Managed Credential File

Career Services is available to assist with your self-managed credential file and education job search. Call 670-1450 to schedule an appointment.


All education alumni are encouraged to begin a self-managed credential file prior to conducting a job search. Career Services is available to assist in this process. Self-managed files are accepted by school districts nationwide and are both less expensive and more efficient than university-managed files.

As of Sept. 1, 2013, Washburn Career Services retains no credential files. All existing files were eliminated as of that date. The decision to end university-management of credential files was reached after extensive research and consultation with school districts, other university career services offices, and the WU education department. Self-managed files allow candidates the flexibility to adapt the application to the method requested by each school district and give candidates complete control over the process. Please note: Information in credential files that is 3-4 years old is no longer helpful in the job search.