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Degree Partnership Program

An efficient, affordable path to a college degree

A college degree is as valuable as your time and money. That’s why Allen County Community College and Washburn University offer a collaborative degree partnership that provides an efficient, affordable higher education learning opportunity. 

Often referred to as a dual enrollment, this degree partnership program simultaneously provides the best values and experiences from Allen County and Washburn. You can enroll at Allen County and Washburn in the same semester and receive bonus value. This “transfer community” helps you do more than dream of your college degree. Collaboration and shared experiences make it happen.

Steps to success

Begin the college experience at Allen County with an associate degree. Continue your success at Washburn to earn a bachelor’s degree. In the end, you will be job ready and college educated  -- two degrees in as little as four years. Here are the initial steps to get your started:

  • Register for the program (PDF form)
  • Meet with your Allen County counselor and Washburn advisor
  • Explore class offerings and get acclimated with Allen County and the Washburn campus in Topeka

Benefits for you

We keep you focused on not one, but two college diplomas

  • Enroll in core classes at community college tuition levels, saving one-third the cost of university tuition.
  • Experience a seamless transfer process.
    • Ongoing, joint Allen County counseling and Washburn advising
    • Automatic exchange of transcripts
    • Coordinated financial aid
  • Interact with quality instructors and enjoy small class sizes while transitioning between high school and college
  • Establish life-long mentoring relationships with Allen County and Washburn professors
  • Lock in one academic catalog that as you work toward two-year and four-year degrees
  • Take upper level and program-specific classes while meeting core curriculum requirements
  • Receive second-to-none student services at Allen County and the Washburn campus in Topeka:
    • Resource centers
    • Tutors
    • Career development support
  • Explore engagement and campus life opportunities at Allen County and the Washburn campus in Topeka:
    • Program-specific lectures
    • Internships
    • Study abroad options
    • Leadership opportunities

This low-cost, high-value transfer pathway, helps you carry forward your rewarding experience from Allen County to Washburn University for continued success.