Wellness Challenges


Challenge details

A daily routine of moderately-paced walking/exercise can help you control your weight, lower cholesterol, strengthen your heart, and reduce the likelihood of serious health problems down the road.

How it works

Duration: 6 weeks, Monday, October 6 – Friday, November 14

Goal: Walk/exercise daily to see how many Hawaiian Islands you can visit

How: Any type of exercise counts towards your accumulated time

What: Virtually travel from the Big Island to Niihau for a total of 626 kilometers. We will visit the Big Island – Maui – Kahoolawe – Lanai – Molokai – Oahu – Kauai - Niihau. All you have to do is keep track of your exercise minutes (1 minute of exercise will count as ½ kilometer).  See "daily log form" excel worksheet below for you to record your exercise minutes for easy conversion.  

Conversion: Your exercise minutes will be converted to kilometers (I will do this for you); 1 minute of exercise = ½ kilometer! For example, if you work out for 20 minutes you will have made it 10 kilometers from the Big Island to Niihau.

1 minute of exercise = ½ kilometer
626 kilometers = 1,252 minutes of exercise

Goals for challenge (ACSM exercise guidelines)

Beginner: 150 min exercise per week             
Intermediate: 225 min exercise per week              
Advanced: 300 min exercise per week

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