Wellness Challenges

Hold the Stuffing

The Washburn Employee Wellness Program invites you to participate in a six-week holiday weight maintenance incentive challenge. Hold the Stuffing participants will weigh-in a minimum of three times:  once before Thanksgiving, once between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, and once after New Year’s Day. Participants may weigh-in every week if they wish. EVERY week participants weigh-in, their name is entered into a drawing for Bod Bucks on their iCard. Participants who lose, maintain, or gain no more than two pounds from the initial and final weigh-ins will be entered into a drawing to win Bod Bucks on their iCard. All weights are confidential. Weigh-ins will be held on various day times every week, special appointments may be made if necessary. Participants will also receive weekly emails with tips on how to avoid weight gain over the holidays.

Challenge Details

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