Housing and Dining

Resident Assistants (RAs)

Your Resident Assistant (RA) is going to be a critical part of your On-Campus living experience, so it is helpful to get to know them!  When you receive your placement email, you will also be notified of who your RA will be so you have a chance to get to know them a little better before you even arrive on campus.  Select your Residence Hall from the links below and get to know your RA!

Living Learning Center RAs

Lincoln Hall RAs

Village Apartments RAs

Kuehne & West Halls RA


WEST WING 4th Floor: 415-428
3rd West: 301-314 3rd South: 315-328
2nd West: 201-214 2nd South: 215-128
1st West: 101-114 1st South: 115-128
Lower Level: 001-114 SOUTH WING

Hannah Fairchild

Lower Level

Biochemistry Major
Leadership Minor


Knowing how difficult college can be, Hannah jumped at the opportunity to help students acclimate and make the transition as smooth as possible.  Anyone living or hanging out at the Lower Level should come ready with an appetite as Hannah will randomly feel like cooking, baking, or even hosting an informal tea party.  One of Hannah's personal goals as an RA is to build a community where everyone feels comfortable not only talking to her but also each other.  On campus Hannah is also involved in Christian Challenge, the Leadership Institute, and Chemistry Club along with being a Chemistry tutor.  During her free time Hannah doesn't shy away from a good book with a good cup of tea, but you can also find her playing sports at the SRWC, drawing, and playing video-games.

Hannah's one piece of advice for incoming students was the following:

"Don't be afraid to be yourself, but be willing to compromise. Every individual is unique and important, and they shouldn't have to change their personality to gain acceptance. People also have to be able to compromise in order to have a good rooming situation. Many incoming students come from different backgrounds, so they won't do things the same way.

Caroline Clark

1st West

Elementary Education Major


Caroline loves living on campus and she loves meeting new people

Alyssa New

1st South

Forensic Investigations Major
Anthropology & Psychology Minor


Alyssa understands how difficult it can be for students to transition into a college atmosphere so becoming an RA is her way of helping other student who may feel the same way.  As the RA for 1st South, Alyssa wants her residents to see her as a "cool mom" who they can come to if they have any questions about Washburn and how to balance their social and academic life.  While Alyssa is happy to assist her residents she hopes that by the end of the year they are able to have a support system within each other but also become independent active members of the Washburn community.  Alyssa is also involved in the Forensic Chemistry Club and the Criminal Justice Association (CJA) but for fun she likes to take photos and horticulture--she can identify any plant on campus.

We asked Alyssa for some advice for incoming residents:

"Build good habits from the beginning of the year.  Don't skip class!"

Alexis Yelland

2nd West

Athletic Training Major


Alexis loves seeing the transformation from when students first walk onto campus to the moment they finish their freshmen year.  Being able to see this transformation is the very reason Alexis became an RA, she explains:

"There's a light that comes on and people change and grow drastically into these confident, happy, and proud Ichabods."

As a returning RA, Alexis is excited to not only get to know the people on her floor, but also several of the residents throughout the building.  Having lived in the LLC before, Alexis expands on how "the lobbies become living rooms where people hangout, create study groups, and use them for weekend chill time.  The LLC really allows you to get to know one another and create a second family." Alexis hopes to start her year by having a variety of programs are both educational and fun.  In addition to that, Alexis plans on having weekly hall hangout times, monthly birthday celebrations, and winning the "Best Decorated Hall" for Homecoming (of course)! In her downtime Alexis loves to run, workout, watch re-runs of Friends and How I Met Your Mother, spending time with family, going to sporting events (especially Baseball) and doing things that make her laugh.

Alexis had the following to say when we asked her for advice she'd give to incoming residents:

"Advice, advice, advice. I get asked this all of the time and I never know quite what to say because there's so much knowledge to give but ultimately if you don't go apply it and experience it yourself, it won't work. So, my advice is to go try things. Whether it be trying a food you've never had, getting to know someone from another state or even another country, getting involved on campus, or just putting yourself out there to meet new people.. you have to try. College is a lot more than just taking class and having fun; it's about finding yourself. Don't live through other people's experiences, but rather go out and do those same things yourself so you are able to define who you are."

Paul Mismaque

2nd South (Global Citizenship & Diversity LC)

Marketing & Economics Double Major
Communication & Public Relations Double Minor


Paul applied to become and RA because he wants to help residents get involved and have a successful transition from high school to college.  As the RA for the Global Citizenship and Diversity Learning Community, Paul works with the International House to create programs that involve diversity and encourage students to learn about different cultures.  During his free time Paul enjoys spending time with friends, listening to music, swimming, and playing basketball. 

When we asked Paul for a piece of advice for incoming Washburn residents he said the following:

"GET INVOLVED! That is the best way for you to find longtime friendships and succeed at Washburn University."

Cameron Thomas

3rd West

Human Services Major


Cameron applied to become an RA because he enjoys being a person that someone can approach when they are having a problem, or in need of a friend.  As an RA, Cameron hopes to help his hall grow together as a community, he explained to us that the people you meet on your floor become some of your first friends during college and how important it is for him that everyone feels welcome. For fun Cameron enjoys taking naps, exercising and hanging out with friends and family. 

Cameron would like to give the following advice to incoming residents:

"Don't miss any opportunities you are presented with.  Always be open to try new things, as you will never know if you enjoy it until you experience it.

Emma Wetzel

3rd South (Leadership LC)

Human Services Major
Leadership Studies Minor


Emma is super excited to help improve her resident's Washburn experience as a Learning Community RA in partnership with the Leadership Institute.  Helping her residents build relationships that outlast their time here at WU is an important goal for Emma--she wants everyone to feel like they're part of a family.  When Emma's not busy with the Leadership Insitute she play soccer for Washburn. While Emma really enjoys the outdoors she's definitely not opposed to crafting or spending some quality time on Netflix.

We asked Emma for advice for incoming residents and she said the following:

"Get involved!! When you are involved you meet so many people and create life long friends! There is something for you here, you just have to look!"

Allex Howey

4th Floor (Exploratory LC)

Nursing Major


As a freshmen Allex had the opportunity to live in the LLC and she enjoyed the proximity to classes and new students so much she wanted to be part of the team who made her first year experience so great.  Allex thinks having a "Home Away from Home" is an invaluable asset in college so she hopes her residents are able to have a lot of fun while they're here and she's going to make sure they do, making floor shirts, fun pep rally's before games, and winning best community of the year.  A big part of Allex's involvement started with joining Greek Life, she was able to connect with other organizations, and will even be a Peer Educator this year.  While Allex thinks some of the best hobbies come from random ideas, she also loves playing tennis, matching movies and shopping. 

Allex told us the following when we asked for advice for incoming residents:

"Never be afraid to ask for help! Moving to college can come with some tough challenges but none of them are too much to overcome. Asking for help and advice whether it be for classes, living, relationships, etc, can help make challenges become so much easier."

Lincoln RAs

3rd East: 301-309, 311-315 3rd West: 310, 312, 314, 317-321, 323
2nd East: 201-209, 211-215 2nd West: 210, 212, 214, 217-221, 223
1st East: 101-106, 109, 111 1st West: 110, 112, 114, 116-121, 123
Lower Level: 001, 003-006, 008-009, 011, 013, 015

Hannah Hagedorn

Lower Level

Psychology & Forensic Investigations Double Major


Serving as a Peer Educator for Washburn's First Year Experience program, Hannah discovered how much she loved working with students and made it her goal to help more students make their time here the best it can be--even if things get weird and tricky.  As the RA for Lincoln's "Lower Level," Hannah hopes her residents enjoy the privacy and proximity to amenities such as the Laundry Room & Kitchen.  When Hannah's not busy planning events for her residents, she also interns for the President's Office on top of being involved in the Leadership Institute and the Criminal Justice Association to name a few of her other on-campus activities.  Whenever Hannah's able to catch some free time, you may run into her antiquing or on an adventure to find a new coffee shop in the area. 

We asked Hannah for advice she'd like to give to incoming residents, this is what she said:

"Try to look at the bright side of things. As college happens, it is easy to get stressed and become bogged down with all of the worries about life, school, and relationship, but try to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Keep breathing and keep a positive mindset that everything will work out!"

Doralynn Mellinger

1st West

Nursing Major


Doralynn's RA her freshmen year made a big impact in her college success; having her as a campus resource or simply giving her advice about things going on in her life.  Because of her own experience Doralynn aspired to become someone who students could come to if they were having a bad day, directing them to places on campus whether it be student health or the SAGL office, someone who students could say impacted their college career and made their time at Washburn the best it could be:  an RA.  While Doralynn is a returning RA this is her first year at Lincoln, and as the RA for First-West she hopes her residents get to enjoy munching on delicious food since they're the closest hall to Lincoln Dining. 

One of Doralynn's hopes for this year is that her residents not only have a sense of belonging with the community they are living in but also at Washburn in general, whether it be as part of the Biology Club, Choir, CAB, International Club, or Greek Life she hopes they find their group of people.  Doralynn's been involved in over 10 different organizations on campus, has earned a WTE (Washburn Transformation Experience) in community service, spent seven-weeks in East Asia, and is going on a medical mission trip to Hait this Aprili!  But don't be fooled, Doralynn still likes to spend some of her downtime watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix, singing, crafting, coloring, playing volleyball or badminton (even though she says she's really bad at both), and random trips to Target. 

We asked Doralynn for one piece of advice for you, and she offered some conventional wisdom:

"Do not be afraid to ask questions! Never think that your question is dumb. If you have a question, then most likely someone else has that same question too."

Michaela Dervin

1st East

Psychology Major
Leadership Studies Minor


Student development is something Michaela values and by recognizing the unique way housing can impact a student's life it's no surprise she became an RA.  Michaela hopes that by engaging with her residents in school and social activities she's able to help them succeed at Washburn; in fact, Michaela plans to do hall outings to help her residents explore campus.  You may recognize Michaela because she's also a SOC (Summer Orientation Counselor) but during the academic year you can find her working as the co-President of Bod Squad and spending quality time with her sorority sisters.  Like most college students, Michaela likes a good Netflix binge, swimming, and playing with puppies.

Here's Michaela's advice for incoming residents:

"My best piece of advice would be to get involved! Try things that you might not have joined or gone for in high school because you never know who you might meet or the experience that you could have. But I would also say to remember that it's okay to say no. College can be challenging and it's important to take care of yourself."

Taylor Dougherty

2nd West

Forensic Investigations Major
Anthropology Minor


Taylor's commitment to helping people is what drove her to become an RA and she hopes that her residents feel confident in being able to reach out to not only her for support but also each other.  In Taylor's opinion, learning is a process that often happens outside the classroom and can be so subtle you don't realize it's happening --we agree!  When Taylor isn't working for us or networking with the Forensic Science Club she likes to travel, enjoy a good board game with family and friends, as well as hosting movie nights and binging on NCIS.

As far as advice for incoming residents, Taylor kept it pretty simple and honest:

"Never be afraid to ask for help!"

Mary Bartell

2nd East

Bayley Baker

3rd West (Scholarship LC)

Mass Media Major Public Relations Emphasis
Political Science Minor


Although this is only Bayley's second year at Washburn she's grateful for the opportunities she's had so far.  For Bayley, becoming an RA is not only her way of ensuring other Ichabods reach their full potential, but also a way of fostering community growth so that everyone feels like they are a meaningful part of campus life.  While Bayley will prioritize scholastic achievement as the Scholarship LC RA, she wants to help her residents excel in parts of their lives that extend beyond academics.  On-campus Bayley serves as as the President of Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, Vice-President of URGE, and holds a Senatorial position in WSGA; we're not surprised Bayley is a huge advocate for student involvement.  If Bayley's able to find some free time in her schedule she enjoys watching YouTube makeup tutorials, encouraging young people to vote, watching Netflix originals, giving campus tours, volunteering, and laughing loudly!

Bayley had the following advice to give incoming residents: 

"Get involved! Washburn has countless opportunities for Ichabods. I truly believe that there is a place for everyone at Washburn, whether that be a club, an organization, a Greek family, an athletic team, or, of course, our very own residence hall! If you seek out those opportunities, they'll make your college experience all the more worthwhile."

John Ray

3rd East

Business Management Major


John has always had a passion for working with people.  Being an RA gives John an opportunity to help students transition into the college atmosphere and help them feel like they're part of the community.  As an RA, John hopes to make Washburn feel like a second "home" for every single one of his residents.  During his free time John likes to lift weights, run, read, and spend time with family and friends. 

When we asked John for some advice for incoming residents he said the following:

"Get involved. You have probably already heard this a hundred times, but its true, getting involved on campus and really finding your group makes college even more fun."

Village RAs

Building 1: 102-104, 201-204, 301-304
Building 2: 105-108, 205-208, 305-308
Building 3: 109-114, 209-214, 309-314
Building 4: 115-119, 215-219, 315-319

Shane Broxterman

Building 1

Biology Major Pre-Med.
Natural Science Minor


Shane had an amazing first-year experience at Washburn and a big part of that had to do with living on campus, becoming a part of our team came naturally.  While Shane will only be the fall RA at the Village he is nonetheless committed to seeing his residents grow in the classroom as well as helping them get to know each other and learning from everyone's diverse backgrounds.  When Shane isn't in a lab helping find the cure for cancer (literally) he volunteers time under the TriBeta National Biological Honors Society, the American Medical Student Association, and Bod Squad.  Family and friends are an important part of Shane's life so he spends time with them whenever possible by traveling, taking road-trips, or playing basketball.  Last but not least, Shane is obsessed with tiny houses, but only a little, he doesn't plan on building one anytime soon or anything like that at all *sarcasm*. 

When we asked Shane for advice, he said the following:

"My one piece of advice to any incoming Washburn resident is to become active within your Residential Living community and on campus. This will enhance your college experience tremendously!"

Lucas Nutsch

Building 2

Nursing Major


Lucas' involvement on campus throughout the years has given him the knowledge to act as a resource for many students and it's also the reason he's an RA.  As the Building 2 RA at the Village, Lucas hopes his residents enjoy the view as much as he does, but more importantly that everyone feels like they have a voice.  Being active on-campus was easy for Lucas and he reiterates how much it's helped him become a better leader but also given him the opportunity to grow and reflect on the type of human being he wants to become beyond Washburn.  As a hobby Lucas enjoys country two-stepping and playing sports, but he made sure to let us know that his involvement doesn't keep him from his one-and-only love for napping. 

Here's Lucas' advice for incoming residents:

"I would recommend you build friendships and really open your minds. Remember that anyone can become your friend, so don't hold stereotypes or judgments against anyone. You will be surprised who will be your best friend by the end of the first week, end of the first semester, and end of the first year on campus."

Bailey Pankratz

Building 3

Adrienne Bieker

Building 4

Kuehne & West RA

Kuehne Hall: 300, 301
West Hall: 100, 101, 200, 201, 300, 301

Joel Broeckelman