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Meet your RA

Your Resident Assistant (RA) is going to be a critical part of your On-Campus living experience, so it is helpful to get to know them!  When you receive your placement email, you will also be notified of who your RA will be.  We have had our staff post some pictures and brief bios, so you have a chance to get to know them a little better before you even arrive on campus.  Click on their name to learn more about them, and feel free to get to know all of our staff because you will likely see them around!

-Residential Living Staff

Jordan McDowell

Lower Level, LLC Rooms 001-014

jordan mcdowell

Major: Social Work

Year in school: Graduate Student

Other campus involvement: I came to Washburn to be a member of the Washburn Parliamentary Debate Team. Throughout my time here, I have been involved in many things.

I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in social work on May 16, 2015. I served as president of the Washburn Student Social Work Association and the Phi Alpha, the national social work honor society. I graduated as the top student in my class and I received the Social Work Award of Excellence. I did my practicum at Kansas Children’s Service League in their adoptions programs. I worked with children/youth in foster care who want to be adopted and families who are interested in adopting. I assisted with infant adoptions where I worked with birth mothers, birth fathers, and adoptive families. Next year, I will continue to be at Kansas Children’s Service League for clinical practicum.

I was a member of the Washburn Student Government Association for the past three years, where I served as the Campus Affairs chairwoman and the Parliamentarian. I have been a Peer Educator for the past three years in the First Year Experience Program (yay WU101 J ). I was the President of AmeriCorps’ LinC program. I volunteered at the Asbury Mount Olive Youth Empowerment Program as the Site Coordinator; five days a week for the past three years. I have been a member of the Washburn Resident Assistants Council, the Pre-Law Club, and I have played Intramurals.

I really enjoyed everything that I was involved in as my time as an undergraduate student – it helped shaped me into the person that I am today. I believe that getting involved is key to student success. However, since I will be in graduate school and serving as a Resident Assistant, I retired from serval of the organizations that I was involved in to focus on the goals that I have for this academic year.

Hobbies/Special Interests: I like helping people. I enjoy volunteering in my community. I like spending time with my family and friends. I like playing sports and being active. I like to read and watch movies. A favorite pastime of my friends and mine is to go geocaching. I consider myself to be a human jukebox and you will probably hear me singing in the lobby at some point or another. Another thing that I find much joy in doing is laughing!

One hope for my community next year: I think that academics are important and I would like to continue our reign for being the floor with the highest GPA in the Living Learning Center. It is also my hope that everyone on our floor gets involved in something on campus and finds what makes them proud to be an Ichabod!

Go Bods!

Kwanequa Jones

1st West, LLC Rooms 101-114

kwanequa jones

Major: Social Work

Year in school: Junior

Other campus involvement: I am the president of Washburn Black Student Union.

Hobbies/Special Interests: I love to read romance novels, dance, spend time with family and friends, and just laugh. 

One hope for my community next year: I hope to get everyone out of their shells and just have a family feeling in my hall. 

Lucas Nutsch

1st South, LLC Rooms 115-127

Lucas Nutsch

Major: Nursing

Year in school: Junior

Other campus involvement: Sigma Phi Epsilon

Hobbies/Special Interests: Basketball, volleyball, long walks on the beach, and puzzles

One hope for my community next year: For everyone to get along and have a great time together

Jack Van Dam

1st West, LLC Rooms 201-214

Jack Van Dam

Major: Political Science

Year in school: Junior

Other campus involvement: Leadership Institute, Peer Educating

Hobbies/Special Interests: Sailing, traveling, politics

One hope for my community next year: Family environment where everyone is close and tight knit

Kaylee Erickson

2nd South, LLC Rooms 115-127

Kaylee Erickson

Major: Elementary Education

Year in School: Junior

Campus Involvement: Greek Life, Panhellenic, Summer Orientation Counselor, Campus Activities Board, Bod Squad, Alpha Lamba Delta, NONOSO

Hobbies/Special Interests: Eating, Sleeping, Softball, Spending time with amazing residents, Jazzercise

One hope for my community next year: Build lasting relationships with friends!! Have an amazing experience on 2nd South. Yay!

Daniel Minton

3rd West, LLC Rooms 301-314

Daniel will be graduating in December, and Becca will take over as RA for the Spring Semester

daniel minton

Major: Biology

Year in School: Super Senior

Campus Involvement: Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Interfraternity Council, Summer Orientation Counselor

Hobbies: Playing tennis, watching movies, woodworking, saving lives

One hope for my community next year: I hope that my community is capable of forming strong bonds and building friendships that will last a lifetime while succeeding at Washburn. 

Becca Shelton

3rd West, LLC Rooms 301-314

Becca will be the RA for 3rd West for the Spring Semester

rebecca shelton

Hello my name is Rebecca Shelton also know as Becca. I am currently 19 years old and was born in Romania. I was adopted at the age of five and have been in the United States since. Attending Washburn University has been outstanding and I have met some amazing people. As of right now I am an undeclared student. I am involved in Washburn Student Government, Leadership, Rotary Club and more. I love sports and have played soccer for over 13 years. I also enjoy art, photography and helping other people. I believe that each student is different and unique therefore I can't wait to meet and learn all about the residents in the hall! This semester is going to be a blast so hold on tight.

Maci Hagelgantz

3rd South, LLC Rooms 315-327

Leadership Learning Community

maci hagelgantz

Major: History Education, Minors in Political Science, Leadership and Women and Gender Studies

Year in School: Sophomore

Other Campus Involvement: Leadership Institute Student Council and Washburn Residential Council Member

Hobbies/Special Interests: I love to read and play basketball. I also love a good Netflix binge every-once-in-a-while. 

One hope for my community next year: My hope is that we create an environment that is conducive to learning but also is a place where everyone feels comfortable to be themselves and have fun! 

Erin Finley

4th South, LLC Rooms 415-427

Honors Learning Community

Erin Finley

Major: Education

Year in school:  Senior

Other campus involvement: Phi Alpha Theta, Phi Kappa Phi, University Honors Program, Mortar Board, WEA

Hobbies/Special Interests: I enjoy reading, watching Netflix, listening to the rain,  jumping in puddles, and hiking.   

One hope for my community next year:  It is my hope that my community will become a family and a home.  I hope that we will all be resources to others and many friendships will be made.  

Jaylon Burch

Kuehne Hall

Jaylon Burch

My name is Jaylon Burch. I am a senior English education major with an emphasis in secondary education. I have been involved with Washburn YoungLife, the Marching Blues, and Washburn Residential Council. During my free time I enjoy playing music, soccer, tennis, and swimming. I am borderline obsessed with Japan. I have been there three times, most recently for a year-long internship during the 2013-2014 school year and I can speak Japanese fluently. I am really looking forward to meeting you all and building a tight-knit community where we can have a lot of fun while making the most of our experiences here at Washburn!

Shane Broxterman

West Hall

Shane Broxterman

Major:  Biology (Pre-Medical)

Year in School: Sophomore.

Campus Involvement: Biology Club, American Medical Student Association (AMSA), Bod Squad, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society.

Hobbies/Special Interest: In my free time I love to play drums. I also like to play and watch basketball.  I especially enjoy supporting my nieces and nephews at their sporting events. Lastly, I like to travel and have intentions on making it to all 50 states and to almost every continent.

Hopes for my Community:  I hope to see each of my residents grow as a person by gaining knowledge in the classroom, through experiencing diversity, and by getting to know and learning from other residents in my community. 

Parker Gallion

Washburn Village Building 1

parker gallion

Major: Nursing

Year in school: Senior

Other campus involvement: Greek life, summer orientation counselor, student ambassador

Hobbies/Special Interests: I enjoy watching Netflix and eating

One hope for my community next year: I hope to create a strong connection with all of my residents!

Bailey Pankratz

Washburn Village Building 2

Bailey Pankratz

Major: Marketing

Year in school: Sophomore

Other campus involvement: Campus Activities Board, Leadership Institute, Campus Life

Hobbies/Special Interests: Longboarding, playing soccer, watching movies, eating Taco Bell.

One hope for my community next year: My one hope is that we are a tightly knit community that supports, inspires, and encourages one another through our words and actions.

Haley Deines

Washburn Village Building 3

Haley Deines

Major: Nursing

Year in School: Senior

Other campus involvement: SNOW, TWLOHA

Hobbies/Interests: Crafting, Dancing, Working out, Spending time with family and friends, Reading, and Baking

One hope for my community next year: I hope to make all students feel welcome and encourage them to get involved and learn more about everyone living in our community! 

Nat Flaucher

Washburn Village Building 4

Nat Flaucher

Major: Nursing

Year in school: 5th year -- super senior

Other campus involvement: Alpha Phi Alumna, EcoBods, SNOW, RAC, Mortar Board, Gamma Sigma Alpha, ALD, etc.

Hobbies/Special Interests: Cooking, eating, running, swimming, baseball, crafting.

One hope for your community next year: Never hesitate to ask me questions or come find me! (: