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Don't forget to fill out the learning community section of the Housing Application to be considered for the Leadership Learning Community!

Leadership Learning Community Structure

The Leadership Learning Community presents students at Washburn University the opportunity to explore leadership development and concepts both in and outside of the classroom. Students in the Learning Community will live with peers who share an interest in leadership development in order to foster a community of learners within the residence halls and to connect students with similar interests. Participants will have an academic requirement in the fall semester, and will be responsible for attending various co-curricular events in both the fall and spring semester. The Learning Community Fellow will serve as a peer-mentor to Learning Community students and will monitor academic progress and co-curricular involvement throughout the year.


Students enrolled in the Leadership Learning Community will:

  • Enroll in the same section of LE 100: Exploring Leadership

  • Be housed in the same wing in the Living Learning Center

  • Be mentored by an upper-class leadership student designated as the Learning Community (LC) Resident Assistant, who offers both academic and social support

  • Engage with Leadership Institute faculty and staff, both in the classroom and at co-curricular programs and events

  • Participate in social and educational opportunities related to leadership development


Students enrolled in the Leadership Learning Community must fulfill the following requirements during the academic year:

  • Enroll in LE 100 (designated section) during the fall semester

  • Attend LI Fall and Spring Orientations

  • Attend at least 2 additional leadership development opportunities each semester (may include Leadership Labs, Leadership Exchange, volunteering for the Leadership Challenge Event, guest speakers/lectures related to Leadership, PALS events, etc.)

  • Meet one-on-one with the LC RA once a semester

Enrollment in the Learning Community

Fill out the Learning Community Application section of your Housing Application.

Enrollment in the LC is restricted to 50 students. Students with questions may contact the Leadership Institute at leadership@washburn.edu or (785)670-2000.


The Leadership Institute utilizes the Social Change Model of Leadership in the development of curricular and co-curricular programs.  Therefore, the hall programming a part of the Leadership Learning Community will also be developed utilizing this framework.  Within the Social Change Model of Leadership, “a leader is one who is able to effect positive change for the betterment of others, the community and society” (HERI, 1996, p. 16).  As the figure below exhibits, this change is an outcome of development in the areas of Group Values (collaboration, common purpose and controversy with civility), Individual Values (consciousness of self, congruence and commitment), and Society/Community Values which includes citizenship.  These values will be emphasized throughout one’s involvement in the Leadership Learning Community.

social change leadership model

Social Change Model of Leadership adapted from Cilente (2009).    


To learn more about the Washburn University Leadership Institute, visit www.washburn.edu/leadership