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Exploratory Learning Community

College is an adventure! This community allows you to explore academic options, career opportunities, and campus resources at Washburn in a fun, creative way. Through campus involvement, you will discover how your individual passions relate to different majors and career choices.

Student Profile:

The Explore Learning Community (E LC) is looking for students are committed to exploring their academic and career options. If you have no clue what you want to major in or you’re just not sure about your current major, this community is for you!

This community will be in the Living Learning Center (LLC) and accepts first and second year students only.

Learning Outcomes:

Through participation in the E LC, a student will develop the following:

  1. Students in the E LC will identify appropriate academic majors in relation to personal characteristics
  2. Students in E LC will formulate an action plan for your academic and career path
  3. Students in E LC will identify and utilize campus resources that can aid in their exploration and success.