Housing Options

First Generation Learning Community

The First Generation Learning Community is a residential experience designed to support first generation students and assist them with their transition from high school into college life at Washburn. Academic success is encouraged through connected courses with their peers, increased faculty and staff interaction, as well as intentional co-curricular programming efforts.

Student Profile:

The First Generation Learning Community (1G LC) is looking for students who are first generation college students (i.e., neither parent has earned a Bachelor's degree). All academic majors and interests are welcomed.


You may participate in the First Generation Learning Community and one of the other identified communities in the Living Learning Center (LLC).

Learning Outcomes:

Through participation in the 1G LC, a student will develop the following:

  1. Students in the 1G LC will identify and utilize campus resources that can aid in their success
  2. Students in the 1G LC will form a social support network that allows them to form a connection to campus and helps them in coping with stress
  3. Students in the 1G LC will develop a connection with the faculty and other first generation students in their connected courses.