Apply for Housing

Apply for Housing


A completed application to live on campus includes:

  1. A completed Housing Contract (complete online, instructions below)
  2. $300 prepayment & deposit (can be completed online, by mailing a check or making a cash payment).
  3. Meningitis Form

While there is no deadline to submit a housing contract, students will be assigned to rooms based on a "first come, first served" basis. Students residing in university housing are required to have a meal plan.

Instructions for filling out on-line contract: 

To sign up for Housing at Washburn University you must submit a housing application to Residential Living and pay a $300 deposit.  To do this please follow the steps below:

To fill-out contract:

  1.  Log on to your My Washburn account at
  2. Click on the Student Life Tab
  3. Look for the box on the screen that says Residential Living and click the Submit Housing Application link
  4. Fill out the application.  Please note that you will only be able to search, view, and request roommates once you have paid your $300 deposit.  Additionally, you will need to return your your application for the self-assign room selection process that will take place beginning April 18th for any new students.
  5. If 17 years of age or under, click View Contract, print it out, Sign and date the contract and send to Residential Living.

To pay deposit:

  1. Return to your My Washburn Account, still on the Students tab looking in the Residential Living box, click on the Pay Housing Deposit link
  2. On the new screen the click WU-View button (on the left)
  3. Click on the eDeposits tab
  4. In the Make Deposit Payment for Term box, use the scroll down menu to select the term you will be paying the deposit for and click Select
  5. In the Make Deposit Payment box, use the scroll down menu to select Housing/Damage Deposit and click Select
  6. In the Housing/Damage Payment box, review the type of deposit and term and click Continue
  7. Select your payment method or enter a new payment method and click Continue
  8. Review the payment information and click Submit Payment

If you must make a change to your Residential Living Contract, please e-mail, with those changes before June 1st. 
If you'd like to cancel your contract and receive your full $300 deposit, please e-mail before June 1st.