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Homecoming is coming...

Washburn's Grand Homecoming 2015, the finale of festivities commemorating our 150th Anniversary, is scheduled for Oct. 18-25. Don't miss a minute and cheer your Ichabods against University of Central Oklahoma on Saturday, Oct. 24.

Student organization homecoming packets will be available in the fall. Please consult the packet regarding deadlines for homecoming royalty nomination, parade entry and other contests.

The images featured on this page are courtesy of the Washburn University archive.

Rooters Club, 1917Rooters' Club, featured in the 1917 edition of the Kaw yearbook, and the front page of the Nov. 15, 1916 issue of the Washburn Review, which explains how Angelus Burch, in the middle, organized the precursor to Homecoming and things got a little more rowdy than anticipated. "On the day preceding the Kansas game it was deemed advisable to devise some novel means of arousing more pep than has ever been shown before." Although there was, indeed, a lot of pep, Washburn lost the game 27-0.


Parades have been an important part of Washburn tradition for decades. This year's parade begins at 10 a.m.

This photo is from the 1930s

bicycles in the Hobo Day parade

The Homecoming Parade in 1951 featured a float of the Capitol building and another of a handcrafted elephant.

float with capitol building going past the capitol parade float of elephant

Homecoming Decorations

The tradition of Greek House decorations for homecoming began in 1928, with the first Homecoming game. At that time, Alpha Phi was the only house on campus. The others were in the College Hill neighborhood.

This is a page from the 1929 Kaw, showing the first homecoming Greek House decorations.

Decorations, from the 1929 Kaw

This 1958 decoration was displayed outside the Washburn University School of Law, then housed in Carnegie Hall.

Homecoming 1958, School of Law decorations

It's not Homecoming without a football game, royalty and a dance

Homecoming 1930, the crowd is gathered at Moore Bowl.

Homecoming 1930 crowd at Moore Bowl

Before there was the Bod Squad, a men's spirit group called WUlf Pack rallied the crowd. WUlf Pack is featured here from Homecoming 1967.

1967 WUlf Pack

For many years, each sorority and Washburn's residence hall system chose one Homecoming Queen candidate. The candidates from 1958 are pictured here. Notice their Hawaiian flowers, a tradition started in the 1950s by Washburn Law graduate Meyer Ueoka.

Homecoming Queen candidates, 1958

Although the Homecoming Ball now is held on campus, it used to be an off-campus event. This picture is from Homecoming 1965.

Homecoming Dance, 1965

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