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About our scholarships

The Alumni Association Fun Run and Campus Walk and license plates help fund our scholarships program, which benefits dozens of students each year.

Scholarship funding

Legacy students

Connor Crimmins, center, received an Alumni Association scholarship for 2011-12.If you graduated from Washburn, your children are considered legacies. Legacy students enjoy a few benefits when they attend Washburn:

  • Legacy students don’t pay out-of-state tuition and receive a waiver.
  • Legacy students are encouraged to apply for an Alumni Association scholarship. Established in 1944, the scholarship fund has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for students.
  • If your son or daughter is interested in attending Washburn, contact Admissions for more information or to set up a campus visit.

Washburn legacies

  • Riley Krane received an Alumni Association scholarship for the 2012-13 academic year. Like his parents were during their years at Washburn, Krane is a student-athlete, playing baseball. His mother, Shelley, played tennis and father, John, baseball at Washburn.
  • Connor Crimmins received an Alumni Association scholarship during the 2011-12 academic year. His grandparents, parents and uncle graduated from Washburn, making the school a family tradition.
  • Justin Blumreich, who has a bachelor of business administration, is a fifth-generation graduate.
  • For updates regarding legacy students, follow us on Twitter under #BodLegacy.