Returning Students

Transfer Guides

Washburn University is committed to working with returning students during their transition from a community college or another four-year university.  Admissions counselors are available for questions about the admission process, questions about transferring credits, and referrals to departmental advisors. 

We have provided the transfer guide to help you determine how your credits will transfer to Washburn University. Understand that this transfer guide is not comprehensive; it lists courses that are frequently transferred to Washburn University, and courses not included in the guide might still transfer to Washburn.  If you cannot find your course, e-mail us and request that it be evaluated.  Include your school’s name and address and the course prefix and number (e.g. MATH 101) in your request. 

Department chairs determine how general education courses and major courses will transfer.  Requests for approval of a course to count for general education credit are reviewed by the university’s general education committee.  To request approval, complete the General Education Transfer Course Petition with your academic advisor and submit the form to the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Decisions are usually made 1-2 weeks after all required information is received. 

You may appeal decisions about the transferability of major courses through the appropriate department chair.  Be prepared to provide supporting documents, such as course syllabi, course descriptions, or examples of your work.  The department chair’s decision is final.  You can appeal decisions on the transferability of general education courses through the General Education Committee, and the committee’s decisions can be appealed to the Vice President of Academic Affairs, whose decision will be final. 

A final credit evaluation will be completed once you have applied and all your official transcripts have been received.  You can view your Washburn academic record on My Washburn when the evaluation is complete. 

Contact us at 877.281.BODS (2637) or with your questions. 

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