Returning Students

Academic Reinstatement

If you were academically suspended the last time you attended Washburn University, you must be academically reinstated before you resume studies.  Read the policy on Academic Reinstatement, Probation, and Suspension.  In general, you should follow these steps to apply for academic reinstatement:

1. Apply for admission to Washburn University
2. Contact the Student Life Office at 785.670.2100 and arrange to speak with Mr. Merideth Kidd, Dean of Students
3. Fill out the Reinstatement Petition Form.  You must complete this form and submit a typed letter to no later than 60 days prior to the start of the semester you wish to resume studies.  Download complete instructions for the petition form and letter
4. Contact the Advising Office at 785.670.1942 and arrange to speak with an academic advisor