Interstate Tuition Waiver

Take Advantage Of The Missouri Tuition Waiver

Individual attention.  In-state tuition for Missouri students 

Attend prestigious, nationally ranked Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas, and receive an excellent out-of-state experience at an in-state cost.  You could save $11,130 a year on tuition!

Washburn’s tuition is competitive, even when compared to Missouri public universities.  You could save $3,240 over the course of four years. 

Average cost per credit hour*

Kansas public universities** $590
Missouri public universities $246
Washburn University $219

To qualify for the Missouri Tuition Waiver, you must be a resident of Missouri.  Keeping the low, in-state tuition rate is easy.  Simply maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. The Interstate Tuition Waiver excludes distance education students.

Visit Washburn and discover the ways Ichabods enjoy personal attention, outstanding academics, and surprising affordability.  You may also create your online account and apply now!

The Interstate Tuition Waiver excludes distance education students and graduate programs

*Averages based on 2011-12 tuition and fees and assume a 15 credit hour semester
** Average based on out-of-state tuition at large Kansas universities within 125 miles of Kansas City