Washburn Transformational Experience (WTE)

The new and improved IE WTE funding process

The WTE Directors are always trying to find ways to make life simpler for the faculty who propose study abroad courses.  The process related to the awarding of International Education WTE scholarships for faculty-led study abroad courses/program just got a great deal easier for the faculty leaders and the students.

Beginning this (Fall 2012) semester:

  • Students going on a faculty-led study abroad program no longer apply for individual WTE funds. The Faculty-led Study Abroad Program Proposal will now be used to calculate student scholarship amounts. Students will complete the online study abroad admissions and scholarship application. The pre-determined amounts allocated to a program will be used to award eligible students.
  • Awards for faculty-led programs participants are decided on a rolling, first-come, first-serve basis. Faculty leaders and students will know months in advance just how much financial support they can expect from the WTE and, therefore, how much they will need to raise between now and the time of the study abroad trip.
  • The amount of International Education WTE scholarship money will be EXACTLY the same for all eligible* students within a faculty-led study abroad trip. Within a particular study abroad course/program, the student award amount is flat and fixed.
  • Faculty are encouraged to lead study abroad courses/programs to less frequented locations. In exchange, scholarship awards will be proportionally greater. Yellow areas in the map below designate the less traveled to locations.

* Students may be eligible for an International Education WTE scholarship assuming they have not previously received funding from the WTE and assuming they are a baccalaureate degree-seeking Washburn University undergraduate student. Students who have previously received WTE funding are strongly encouraged to apply for an International Programs Scholarship.


IE WTE colored map